Your PC’s power supply is an important component in terms of safety and performance. The right PC power supply should be reliable, have a long lifespan, and protect your machine from issues like overclocking and surges. It’s not one of the first things you think about when putting together a custom build, but it’s an important element nonetheless.

If you need a new PC power supply, our top picks will give you a better idea of which components are a good match for your needs. You might not be familiar with the specs you should look for, but our guide to the best PC power supplies for 2020 is a good place to start your research!

Not sure what you need? Check out our guide on how to measure your PC’s power draw.

The best PC power supply at a glance:

Corsair RMx Series RM750x

The Corsair RMx Series RM750x.

Corsair makes some fantastic power supplies. But many come with very similar naming conventions, so picking our favorite of even that lineup — let alone all PSUs — wasn’t easy. With all things considered, this year’s updated RM750x was ultimately our top pick. Its 750-watt design is fully modular and uses a 135mm magnetic levitation fan to help cut down on wear while also reducing the noise of this already-quiet line. The fan’s automated settings mean that it will only switch on at certain power levels, another way to save energy and increase longevity.

The Corsair RM750x also comes with fully modular cabling, high-quality capacitors, and modern standby support, which helps this unit get up to speed from standby in under five seconds. Corsair claims that the new design offers up to 90% peak efficiency in the right conditions, making it an excellent option for gamers working on their setup. It’s also compatible with 12-pin GPU power cables if you happen to be shopping for a new graphics card at the same time.

Corsair CX550

The Corsair CX550 PSU.

The PSU we recommend in all of our budget gaming system builds is the Corsair CX550. It isn’t a trendsetter or showstopper, but it is a stable and safe power supply. At this kind of price, that’s exactly what you need. It’s available in various capacities, and for just $5 more, you can get semi-modular cabling, but this entry-level version is the most affordable and most suited to our favorite budget PSU.

Despite the relatively low cost, you still get a quiet fan, a five-year warranty, and 80+ Bronze certification for reasonable efficiency. Compatible with all modern CPUs and motherboards, the Corsair CX550 has enough juice to power entry-level gaming PCs, all the way up to relatively high-end systems with powerful graphics cards. Double-check it has enough headroom for your particular GPU on a site like RealHardTech first, but if this falls within your limits, then the CX550 is a fantastic budget power supply to choose.

FSP Dagger 550w

The FSP Dagger 550w.

Packing high-powered components into a miniature PC case is all the rage. But along with using compact cooling solutions and motherboards, many MicroATX and mini-ITX cases also need to use a small form PSU. This SFX unit from FSP is a fantastic option with an attractive shell, excellent modular cabling, and a decent capacity of 500w. If you need more, though, there’s always the 650w version for about $20 more.

The FSP Dagger 550w enjoys 80+ Gold efficiency, a quiet fan that operates at near-silent when the unit is under 50% load, and full Japanese capacitors for excellent stability and a long life. If you run into any problems (which you shouldn’t), there is a three-year warranty you can take advantage of, too.

Seasonic Prime Ultra 1300w

The Seasonic Prime 1300w PSU.

There’s not much point in building a multi-GPU system these days outside of benchmarking and a very few select games. But if you do, you’ll want a monstrous power supply to make sure your powerful graphics cards have all the power they need. The Seasonic Prime Ultra is our favorite for that task, with a mammoth 1,300 watts of power and all the features you’d expect from a high-end PSU.

It’s fully modular, enjoys an 80+ Platinum efficiency rating, has a 12-year warranty, and operates entirely silently until 40% load is reached. It also has gold-plated connectors for additional durability and a touch of class, all while supporting multiple graphics cards.

The Seasonic Prime Ultra 1300w is pricey, but for super-powered PCs that want the utmost stability and plenty of protection for your highly expensive components, you can’t go wrong.

Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w

The Thermaltake Toughpower RGB.

If you want your PC to display vibrant and well-lit imagery, you will have to pay extra attention to your PSU when choosing RGB-equipped components. Do not be fooled by a pleasing appearance because the exterior design doesn’t always mean adequate power. Your power supply needs to have the proper components to ensure the best functionality. That’s where the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB comes in.

Modular cabling and programmable RGB lighting come with this model, plus it enjoys an efficiency rating of 80+ Gold. Its fan is virtually silent, although it will kick up a notch if necessary. The RGB lighting can sync with your PC’s other lighting to eliminate annoying differences and achieve a coherent effect.

The Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w includes a decade-long warranty, making it simple to get a replacement if your lighting tanks.

XPG Core Reactor 650Watt

The XPG Core Reactor 650Watt.

Like many of our other favorite picks, this durable XPG model is 80+ Gold certified for high efficiency and low noise, making it another great pick for your battle station. This particular model is made to be as long-lasting as possible, with industrial-grade Japanese capacitors and a 10-year warranty in case something goes wrong. It promises peak efficiency higher than 70% with a 2% load. Two EPS 2.92 connectors are included on this model.

The XPG Core Reactor unit is also compatible with features like alternative sleep mode, and the 120mm fluid dynamic bearing fan will help keep things cool when demand increases. This power supply is a great pick if you need high performance or have environmental conditions that make durability particularly important.

Enermax Revolution DF 750W

The Enermax Revolution DF 750W.

Enermax’s 80+ Gold certification is only the start of we recommend this 750W PSU. The fully modular design makes it ideal for full customization and quick changes, and the flat cables are an excellent choice for cable management that doesn’t get in the way of other components. It’s also made with an airflow design to minimize noise during operation, and Ernemax guarantees that the model is nearly silent at 70% operation.

Of course, over time, problems can build up — namely dust, which can cause noise and efficiency issues if it begins to build up. That’s why this model also comes with a DF Switch that you can use to temporarily reverse fan rotation and help clear out any of the dust that may have built up recently, a great feature for those who prefer to be more hands-on.

Corsair HX1200 1200W

The Corsair HX1200 1200W.

For the most serious power needs, you can’t do better than this 1200W Corsair model. The fully modular PSU scored an 80+ Platinum rating for high-tier efficiency to manage high-power situations and uses Japanese capacitors rated for around 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the +12V rail switch allows you to choose single or multiple rails as necessary, enabling more complex setups that often come with higher power needs.

The durable Corsair HX1200 1200W uses a 135mm fan that includes a Zero RPM mode that makes sure the fan only turns on when heat levels rise above a certain limit, sparing wear and tear. Automatic protection for over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuits, emergency high temperatures, and more are all included, too. If you need top-tier performance at high wattage levels, you can’t do much better!

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