Top 10 best online website builders in 2017

Best online website builders: Websites builders are always important in this digital age. It is because business often needs a proper web presence to succeed in their business. That is why business often tries to design an eye-catching website, which is responsive and perfect for their audience.

In this world of internet, not everyone wants to hire a web designer, a company, or an avid programmer to make a ravishing website for him or her. Most of the people just love to tackle the designing on their own. It is because of few reasons; It may be they are either merely ready for the challenge to create an excellent website.

Best online website builders
Best online website builders

Alternatively, just they cannot afford to spend their money on a professional web designer. In these cases, website builder is very helpful to design websites without any coding knowledge. Now, most of you might already hear about these online website builders. Nevertheless, if you do not know about the online websites builders.

Then don’t worry here I am going to walk you through the topic of what is website builders, and along with that, I will also mention top 15 website builder online in 2017.

Firstly, let us get to know about the website builders.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a simple tool, which allows you to construct websites without any sort of coding experience quickly. This tool helps to create websites with literally no manual code editing. People who do not know coding can make use of these website builders to create a ravishing site on their own.

This website builder’s fall into two categories of one is online website builder, and another one is offline website builders.

Let us simply define offline website builder and quickly go to the main topic online website builders.

Offline website builders:

Actually, we are not speaking about the offline website builders in this subject, but as I mentioned about the two categories of website builder, I am just defining it.

Offline website builders are the tools, which can be downloaded and installed on your computer. These website builders are just software from where you can read your site. Here all you need is to create an offline website and then upload all items to your web host. These are called as the offline website builders.

The best example of offline website builders is Rapid Weaver.

Now, let us come to the main topic that is online website builders.

Online website builders:

Online website builders are simply bases on the web. These online website builders run on the website providers services. Here the online website builders are also known as the web builders, and it has another name that is CMS. CMS is nothing but a content management system.

Unlike the offline website builders, you do not need to install any software on your computer for these builders. Here all you need is a web browser and an active internet connection. That is it; this allows you to work on your website from anywhere and at any time from any device.

You do not require any particular programming and coding skills to use these website builders. Even you do not need to learn about the technical stuff to manage these online website builders.

Each and everyone can use the online website builder. Whether you are a beginner or experienced designer in both cases, you can quickly designer your site in a couple of minutes using the easy drag and drop editor.

This is all about the online website builders. Now you got a proper introduction to the online website builders, but now you have to know about the top and best website builders online.

If you are a small business owner or freelancer who is looking for the best and primary online website builder, then this top list will be helpful to you. I compiled this list mainly for all the small business owners and bloggers who are keen to design their blogs without anyone’s help.

Let us check out the best and best online website builders of 2017.

Best online website builders:

This list of 10 best online website builders is simply compiled to boost the confidence of small business owners. In this top list, I have included all the free and premium website builders. So just, have a glance at them before you opt for any online website builders.


If you are looking for free and best online website builders, then Wix is one of the great options for you. Wix is one of the best free website builders online; this is a site builder which is loved by lots of people.

Wix has a clean user interface, and along with that, it has clean and clear structure. You can quickly make use of this powerful online website builder to design your site. This platform is having hundreds of Html templates, and along with that, it is extremely responsive and user-friendly.

Its drag and drop interface is a lot easier and efficient than all the other online website builders. That is the main reason most of the people often support this website builder to design websites. This platform is almost similar to the power point; you can quickly create a website as a simple as power point presentation.

The flexibility of the Wix is often a great thing about this platform you can quickly customize many settings in Wix. It also makes easier to create a unique and creative design for your website.

All the templates of the Wix are very responsive and user-friendly. So you don’t have to worry about the stress of creating a website. You can quickly redesign your templates with wix. If you are keen on building a website then just make use of this free online website builder. This is one of the best online website builders in 2017.


Weebly is another excellent online website builder. It is the oldest online website builder which is loved by thousands of users. Weebly is one of the favorites and best online website builders for many pro bloggers and experts. This site builder is having almost everything in it. You can quickly create a top-notch website with this site builder.

It has a clean look, and it is very easy to use along with that, Weebly also offers plenty of customization options. Apart from customization options it also helps your drag and drop images, text and other elements with its drag and drop feature and user interface. You can quickly design sidebar of your website with the advanced settings of the Weebly.

Customization options and advanced settings of the Weebly can easily allow novice users to grasp the platform quicker than other best website builders. The best feature that each and everyone love is it provides the ability to add maps to your site.

You can directly download your entire site as a ZIP file, and in case if you want to move your information to a standard web hosting service you can do that easily with the available Weebly zip file. Weebly supports all the other stuff of the websites such as newsletters, audio player, multilingual, podcast and so on.

The simple user interface of the Weebly always stands apart from the other online website builder. That is the reason why I have included Weebly on the 2nd place on this list of best online website builders.


Squarespace is one of the best online website builders. This online website builder has packed with lots of features and excellence themes. If you are in the field of designing websites, then you might definitely here this amazing online site builder square space.

Squarespace usually gets lots of attention from the users just because of its features and inexpensive packages. This is a premium online website builder, which costs you around $8 a month for the basic package.

Squarespace is one of the best sites which allows you to just create an HTML 5 compliant site with a large focus on commerce. This website builder is having many integrations and analytics tools, and it has the resounding ability to accommodate mobile devices.

This new site editor has buttons for quickly adding and editing content line and the left-hand side of the straight interface. You can quickly preview your work with the help of previewing feature. This feature shows how your content will look once it goes live, with this feature you can quickly decide what is suitable for your site.

The Square space is having integration from the third party widgets. However, this feature is not that impressive as the other best website builders online. Apart from this if you are a developer who wants to insert your code in the template, then you can quickly add your own code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well. All these features make this premium and top website builder online.

The features and drag and drop interface has increased its sales, and it has become the best premium online website builder. That is why I have included this Squarespace in this top website builder’s online list.

Duda One:

Duda one is relatively a new name for most of newcomers. This Duda one is an online website builder who is having the capability to compete with lots of present-day best online website builders.

This site builder is very easy to use, and you can just create an excellent site. Duda one is one of the easiest and best online website builders with the help of Duda one you can quickly create fabulous sites, and along with them, the social integration has become much easier in Duda one.

All these features of Duda one are very similar to the other popular website builder online. This Duda one has a great analytics system. You can quickly use this site builder to create various types of websites. This Duda one has a free version and with premium upgrades, if you are a starter then the free website builder is more than enough to create your site.

This Duda one is having features like multi-languages sites, push notifications, e-commerce features and unlimited product categories for the online stores. So it is a really handy tool for all the website designers who are wanted to create a website.


WordPress is always a small business favorite website builder. This is the world’s famous website builder who simply gives excellent control over your site editing and structuring. The power of WordPress is simply awesome, WordPress powers almost 24% percent of the web and this count is always increasing steadily day by day.

You can find thousands of themes and plugins which are readily available on the internet. Apart from the net, WordPress has an official directory in which you can get lots and lots of free themes to design your site simply.

WordPress is always a famous and favorite website builders for all the professional website designers. It is just because of the features of the open-source of WordPress. However, WordPress has exhaustive tools that often requires at least a minimum bit of knowledge of the baseline of the coding.

Although, it doesn’t require coding all the time it needed in some cases, so It is quite tough for newbies. If you have enough command on the coding, then this is the best open-source online CMS you can find online.

WordPress has a massive community throughout the world. So if you got stuck in any step of creating a site, then you can take the help of a large WordPress community to solve your problem.

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Webs is one of the fast-growing website site builders. This is ideally the best site builder online for all the small business owners. Webs site builder offers amazing tools and features for all its users. If you are a user who wants to create a decent site with ease, then you can make use of the fantastic site builder.

This tool is having built-in search indicators. This helps you to optimize your website so that your site starts generating organic traffic much quicker than other sites. All the templates available in these webs are decent, and you can simply change their layouts.


Strikingly is another top website builder online. It is one of the easiest website builders presently available online. Strikingly has an excellent feature that helps to create well-crafted sites quickly. Along with those features, you can also get extreme customization options that help you to change the template.

This helpful site builder is having a preview feature, which helps you to preview your modifications of the template before you publish your site. The site created with the strikingly is user-friendly and responsive.

Although it offers great features and customization options this strikingly is expensive than other online site builders that is the reason why I have mentioned this one at the 6th position.

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Ucoz Ukit:

Ucoz Ukit is an online website builder, although the name is bit different and exciting this online builder is right regarding features. This is a site builder from Russia, and it is one of the site builders which is growing its presence fastly with its advanced features and other customization options.

This Ucoz Ukit site builder offers superior stability and control over your site, and you can simply create excellent sites from this good-looking and user-friendly website builder. You can quickly create an e-commerce page in just a couple of minutes with this responsive website builder.

Although it is relatively new and has a small budget than other popular site builders. This tool has made its mark with its top features and amazing capabilities to design an eye-catching e-commerce store. With this Ucoz Ukit site builder, you can easily edit images; it is because this tool is having an image editor in its website builder.

The user interface of this site builder is very slick and easier to handle. This special tool quickly saves all your uploaded images so that you can reuse them whenever you want. It is simply the best tool for all bloggers who often look to modify their sites. Comparing with another site builder, I found this builder as a perfect site builder for starters and startups who are having less amount of investment. This site builder is cheaper than many site builders online.

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Site builder:

I believe that most of you might know this site builder because it is a familiar name in the industry. Sitebuilder is one of the simple and easiest website builders which is readily available on the market. It is a platform where you can create some incredible sites with topmost user experience and speed as well.

The sites which are set up with this site builder are responsive. It has some tool you often need to get a dynamic site. It is often having a broad range of custom toolset in its premium version of the site builder. If you are the one who is trying to create a decent site, the site builder is one of the best options for you.

Godaddy website builder:

Almost each and every one might hear this word GoDaddy. It is the world’s famous domain registrar and the web hosting company. Apart from domain registration and hosting GoDaddy also offers some basic tools one of them is GoDaddy site builder.

This is a cool site builder who is having gentle features with lots of storage limits. You can quickly create an impressive website with the help of the drag and drop feature of this online site builder. Along with the features of GoDaddy, it is also having an image editor similar to the Ucoz Ukit.

Although this site builder is not that great in controlling the site design but it is a handy tool to create excellent sites quickly.

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This is all about the best online website builders. I hope you all liked this article. if you have any suggestion on this list of best online website builders. then you can comment us beIow i will just check them and update to this list.