Best Light Machine Guns (LMG) In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10

Best Light Machine Guns (LMG) In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10

When playing battle royale games like Call of Duty Mobile, the adrenaline rush of engaging your enemies head-on in close-quarters combat is more exciting than anything else. What’s even more exciting is the feeling of power you get after wiping out an entire team in one barrage of balls. But for such a feat you must have the best light machine guns in Call Of Duty mobile cargo.

Light Machine Guns or LMGs are quite useful and are one of COD Mobile’s most favorite weapons after assault rifles. There are different machine guns available in the game, and in this article, I will be listing their abilities and ranking them accordingly. So you can choose the best LMG in COD mobile Season 10 according to your preferences.

List of light machine guns in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10

S. No.Light machine gunsPityPrecisionFire rateInterval

Note: The light machine gun attributes listed above such as damage and accuracy are the default with no attachments. You can always edit your LMG with attachments to further enhance these capabilities.

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How to select the best light machine gun (LMG)?

Light machine guns (LMG) in COD mobile are characterized by their large magazine size. So these guns can hold 60 to 100 bullets at a time, dealing significant damage with a bullet throw without having to reload frequently. But there is a compromise to be made. The large magazine increases the weight of the weapon, and therefore its mobility. Additionally, LMGs have less accuracy, so they are only useful in close combat.

So the idea here to select the best light machine gun in Call Of Duty Mobile is to choose a weapon with a balanced magazine size, mobility and accuracy. Because when it comes to damage, most LMGs in COD Mobile Season 10 have a similar damage rate, with the exception of M4LMG. But we’ll discuss that in the next section.

3 Best LMG in COD Mobile

1. M4LMG

m4lmg _ Best light machine guns in Call Of Duty Mobile
M4LMG in Call of Duty Mobile

As I already mentioned above, M4LMG is the only LMG with a higher damage rate (46) in the default settings. It also has an accuracy, rate of fire, and range of 61, 63, and 64, respectively. These scores are neither the highest nor the lowest in this category, which makes M4LMG the best light machine gun in Call Of Duty Mobile.

When testing the M4LMG in battle royale mode, it dealt 50 damage when aimed at the head. On the other hand, a burst of gunfire aimed at the body easily caused damage between 30 and 50 HP, depending on the hit / miss ratio. Speaking of the downsides, M4LMG has powerful vertical recoil, but that can be reduced with the help of the right attachments.

However, the most important caveat is that you won’t find M4LMG lying around anywhere on the map. So your best option is to keep a custom M4LMG in your arsenal which can be obtained from airdrops. On the other hand, if you are planning to use M4LMG in multiplayer mode, I strongly suggest that you use “ light ” attachments and perks to increase mobility, otherwise you would move like a slug, becoming a easy prey.

2. UL736

UL736_Best LMG in Call Of Duty Mobile
UL736 in COD Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile’s second best light machine gun is the UL736, but one might wonder why, as RPD has better stats on paper. In my experience, despite having a slightly lower damage rating than the RPD, the UL736 appears to be a more balanced and useful weapon in battle. For starters, it has a lot less recoil than the RPD and even the M4LMG.

Shooting with the UL736 is like using the AK-47 with a huge magazine and less recoil. But the compromise here for more stability is less mobility. However, it does better than M4LMG in mobility, which players can further enhance with light props and perks (in multiplayer).

As for the damage rate, a short burst of UL736 can effectively give damage of 50HP if you aim it directly at the head, and 40HP if it is a body shot without a vest.

3. RPD

RPD_Best light machine guns in Call Of Duty Mobile
RPD LMG in Call of Duty Mobile

Moving on to the third best light machine gun in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10, we have RPD. In the previous section, I mentioned why UL736 is better than RPD despite higher numbers. That being said, let’s focus on what the RPD has to offer if you choose to pre-charge with this weapon.

First of all, RPD is one of the most common LMGs on the COD Mobile card. It offers a high damage rate of 41 and the same accuracy of 61 as M4LMG. It outperforms the previous two weapons in terms of rate of fire. So if you want to crush your opponents with a barrage of bullets, then RPD is right for you.

However, with all of these advantages come a high trade-off when it comes to mobility. RPD has a fairly low mobility of 52 compared to the first two weapons. This is precisely the reason why I placed it lower on the list of the best LMG in mobile COD. So if you are playing RPD make sure you have a strategy to overcome the speed lag otherwise it won’t be long before you get killed.

Best Light Machine Guns in COD Mobile: Conclusion

That brings us to the end of this article. I hope the best Call of Duty Mobile light machine guns mentioned here help you select your weapon of choice in the game. Also keep in mind that these rankings are only an indicator of what might increase your chances of getting. to win. They don’t totally guarantee your victory as other factors influence the gameplay as well. Also, let us know what you think is the best COD Mobile Season 10 LMG in the comment box below!

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