Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad

Apple has some pretty great features when it comes to their OS but what’s not so great is its customization features. Well, you can say at least now there are some improvements in the customization department. You can do a lot more than what you could do before, but then again there is still room for more improvement. One such area that could use a few tweaks here and there is the keyboard of the iPhone or iPad.

But till that is done you’ll just have to make do with third-party apps. But which ones? There is a slew of third-party apps in the app store, so choosing the right one is no easy task. So rest back and read this post because we’ve done the hard work for you. In this article, we have compiled a list of best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone

But just in case you don’t know let’s first show you how you can enable third-party apps on iOS:

Before we take a look at some of the best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad, let’s first see what we have to do first to get our hands on customized keyboards. All iPhones, iPads and whatever i’s there are come with the default Apple keyboard. So if you have to add more keyboards you have to first install them. After that you have to go into settings and choose the custom keyboard that you’ve just installed. You can do this by going into General then keyboard and then add new keyboards.

Once you’ve selected the keyboard of your choosing you have to ensure that you give it full access as then it will work in only certain areas and not in others.

Starting in no particular order here are the best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad:


Gboard is a personal favorite of many Android users and is bound to be a great choice for an iOS user as well. It integrates searching for places, articles, images, and GIFs from Google. This means that you don’t have to leave the app that you’re currently into a search for stuff. You can do so from the comfort of the keyboard on the app itself.

If you’re still not convinced, then this keyboard also has features such as glide or swipe or gesture typing, AI-assisted predictions, Google-powered voice dictation, and handwriting input. Recently the keyboard also underwent an update which added to its list of features- the ability to create custom stickers, GIFs and more. This is one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad.

SwiftKey Keyboard:

This is one of the most go-to keyboard apps that there is. If you don’t know what to get then this keyboard is your best bet. Many first time users go straight for this and we’ll tell you why. It has one of the best autocorrect features based off of artificial intelligence. It’s basically learning from your typing habits and predicts what you’re about to type next.

These predictions get better and better with very typing. Just like the previous keyboard app, you could use this one for faster typing by swiping on the keyboard rather than hitting the keys. You can even customize your keyboard further by using the provided themes. This keyboard app comes with 90 languages and counting. To make you’re typing even more interesting you could also use the GIFs selection that comes along with this keyboard app.

Grammarly Keyboard as one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad:

If you’re one of those people that hate reading typos and can’t even stand the thought of typos in your own text then this app is the one for you. This keyboard app comes with a spell checker and grammar checking functions which makes it great for sending texts that are devoid of any typos. What’s more, these are not just features of the keyboard app but also features that work really well.

The keyboard is very simple and easy to use. To check the text you’ve just typed, simply press a button and you’ll get everything wrong with the text, not that it has to be all wrong. But you catch my drift.

This app is great for users who have to type business emails or official documents on a daily or even hourly basis.

TouchPal Keyboard:

This is one of the few best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad that comes with its own assistant. This app comes with its own assistant named Talia. You can ask Talia to look up stuff online, manage keyboards, give suggestions and much more. Other than Talia you get many more features with this keyboard. This keyboard comes with something known as TouchPal Curve which allows you type anything effortlessly by simply swiping your fingers across the keyboard.

Besides these features, the keyboard also comes with customization options such as different themes, fonts and so forth. You can even create and AvatarMoji which is basically a GIFemoticon after your own image. You can even adjust the keyboard’s size according to your own needs.

Better Fonts Keyboard:

This is one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad if you like crazy different fonts to play with. This app lets you go literally crazy with text art. This keyboard app has the most font collection than any app on this list of best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad. What’s more is that you can get easy access to them by a simple press of a button.

These fonts too don’t just work with a few apps but with almost all the apps that you have. It even works well on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, the Gram and more.

This keyboard app also comes with its own set of themes but if you install this app, it has got to be for its numerous and creative text styles.

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