Best Free Music Download apps and sites

Best Free music Download apps and sites

This year, we got into the sadness of the deadly Coronavirus. So people are sticking to their homes to stay away from the virus. In this lockdown time, people are searching for different aspects in that one of them is music to throw away their boredom. If you’re one of them who is striving to check out the “free music download apps and sites.”

Then you can get the best free music download apps and sites in this post.

Usually, the internet has all the things you love, such as movies, books, video games, music and more. All you need to do is choose the legitimate sites that help you download the music. These days, there are tons of websites online which pretend to offer free downloads, but sadly, they offer ads more than your loved content.

Best Free music Download apps and sites

So, we have done our research to bring out the best free music download apps and sites in 2020. These can help you download lots of music that you love and get rid of your boredom in this lockdown time.

If you’re looking at how to download music for free? Then check the below section.

How to download music for free

There are lots of sites that offer free music which you can download. Here to download music for free, you have to visit the sites that are listed below. Look for the download option, double click on it to download. In this post, you’ll also find some music apps that allow you to download music. Those apps will have download options right next to the audio track. So you don’t have to worry.

Let’s jump into the list of best free music download apps and sites.,

Best Free Music Download Apps and Sites

In this post, I’ll let you know about the best free music download apps and best music download sites. There are plenty of excellent paid services that usually allow you to download all stuff on Android devices. But, there are a few free music download sites that can help you download as well.

Firstly, I’ll mention about the free music download apps then will let you know about download apps.

New Pipe

New Pipe is one of the open-source software that acts like a youtube client. It helps you to download loads of music and video content from its Android App. This app is increasing its content regularly and providing the best services to its users.

You can easily download music from this open-source app. From this app, you can check out SoundCloud, MediaCCC, and Frametube downloads as well. Usually, when you open this app, you can see this a youtube.

All you have to do is select the video you want to download and click the download icon. There you will get an option “whether to download it as video or audio.” Choose the format you want and hit download.

Now, you can listen to that music hasslefree anytime from your Android Device. This is undoubtedly the best music download app for Android in 2020. So, I have listed this on the list of free music download apps and sites list.


SoundCloud is the other best app to download free music. This app is more than a streaming service; it’s the global community of music. Anyone can upload any new tracks on this open community.

You can listen to the new music tracks and download them from the SoundCloud app itself. With this free app, you can listen to millions of soundtracks from anywhere else. You can check out all languages music flies in this exclusive app.

In Soundcloud, you can listen to the music that’s nowhere else found and connect with artists and fellow community listeners with ease. This app is the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform with massive collections. You can download your favorite music tracks in its app with ease.

All users can find their best music genre in this special app. You can even check out the chart-topping names and best music stuff, but that’s available in the paid stuff.

Y Music

Y Music is another best app you should check out while you are striving to download free music. This exclusive app lets you play any Youtube video as an audio and run in the background.

You can easily download videos as audio files from this best Android free music downloader. The option you’ll get in this file is you can download files in M4A and MP3 formats so that this file can be played in almost all the great music player apps.

Even though it has all these options, you have to download it outside for the latest versions. Apart from that, you will love this app because of its features. So, I have listed this on the list of free music download apps and sites list.

Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music is one of the most active community apps that helps you download music. This app has more than 500,000 tracks to download, and it’s gradually increasing day by day.

The best and most talkable thing about this app is its active community. Apart from that, this is a free tool which doesn’t have any advertisements as well.

This is a simple and easy tool that’s completely free, but still, you need to sign up for an account to use this app. To be frank, it’s best to use this app; you can play any song, any time with no ads and interruptions. You can even download your favorite songs and listen to them in your free time.

Its user interface isn’t that disturbing, either. With all these features, you can use this unique app.

GTunes Music Downloader

Gtunes is another useful music downloader app that is best for downloading songs. It’s a senior pro in music downloader apps and covers different music genres.

You’ll find millions of audio tracks from different artists across the generations. If you are striving to listen to old tracks, then you simply enter the artist or track name and it will display the song in search options.

Its user interface is excellent, and you can easily download your favorite songs with that user interface. This tool also has a built-in music player.


Songily is another free music app that helps you to download music. This app has a simple interface to search for the songs you love. You can even discover different songs from several music genres.

This tool offers all the famous songs you are looking for so you can easily download them. You can download live versions, remixes, and other songs legally. The only con you’ll find in this app is it will not display the official version of the album. However, it’s free and has some great tracks, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Until now, we have seen free music download apps. Now, let’s check out free music download sites. So, I have listed this on the list of free music download apps and sites list.


SoundCloud is one of the popular music sites that lets you download songs for free. I have already mentioned this on the apps list, but still, it should be mentioned in sites as it’s the best free songs download site.

This is a popular Spotify alternative app where you can download songs without paying a penny. Its music streaming community is one of the popular communities where the users upload tons and tons of songs.  As I have mentioned above, I’ll not share more about it in this section.

Reverb Nation

Reverb Nation is one of the other popular free music download sites. This special site has all the popular tracks you love to listen. It has all the best bands music such as the civil wars, imagine dragons and more. This ReverbNation has got colossal recognition mainly because of its vast collection.

From this site, you can download different genres of music such as pop, hip-hop, rock, and more. This site has 4 million artists, users, labels, and more. Along with these, its user experience is simply suitable for all types of users. If you’d like to discover more through this website? Then you can check out the collection of audio. So, I have listed this on the list of free music download apps and sites list.


Audio Mack is another music site that has loads of music files ready to serve music lovers. This is an emerging platform for music sharing users and has a simple interface similar to SoundCloud. You can surely call this app the best SoundCloud Alternative.

This free music download site is the central hub for labels, artists, music, and more. You can simply discover top music by categories such as Top Songs, Trending, Top Albums, and more.

However, all the songs on Audiomack aren’t free, but there are enough free tracks to download on it. If you are striving to download the best music, then you can use this site. Apart from that, you can stream an unlimited number of songs through its App and website as well.


SoundClick is the other free music download site to download songs legally. This is a great site that lets users download music from artist’s sites directly. Several artists are providing their tracks for free download. You can make use of that and download those for free legally.

This site has a massive collection of music and has other amazing features as well. You can stream radio stations on this site and even interact with other listeners on the community forum. 

Audio Archive

Audio Archive is another site that lets you download free music legally. This site has lots of attractive features that help users. It has free downloadable music to audiobooks, radio programs to live, and more.

This app has a massive library of over 2 million free audio tracks that can be downloaded in multiple formats. Audio Archive has all tracks from the leading artists such as John Mayer, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, and more.

Free Amazon Music Store

Usually, Amazon Prime subscribers will get access to millions of free music downloads. They can even stream the music on any device and can use them offline as well. But, it’s a paid version, and we all know about that. However, you can take advantage of the Amazon free music options as well.

Through Amazon, you can get the music for free, but you have to be aware of that method. To access amazon, you have check out its free music page in the digital music section. In that, you’ll see the songs that are available for free download. To free download the music, you have to have a free Amazon account. Just choose the music and go to the cart you’ll see zero and then check out to own that music.


These are the best free music download apps and sites you have to look at in 2020. Download the best songs you love from these best free music download apps and sites and have fun at your home during the lockdown. Stay safe and get rid of your boredom with these best free music download apps and websites.


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