Best detailing sprays for cars in 2020

Best detailing sprays for cars in 2020

Ah, the humble detailing spray. Detailing sprays are a fantastic tool as they keep a car looking its best between washes and waxes. Using a vehicle doesn’t take much time either, which makes it a great partner to help out with a vehicle at auto shows and other events.

Both physical and digital retail shelves are littered with so many different types of sprays with quick detail that it’s understandable if you don’t know which to buy. This is where we come in: We tested our fair share of the cars that drive in and out of the roadshow garage. Below are the best detailing sprays we got to use in 2020.


Okay, so we named this our best spray wax for our 10 Best Car Waxes of 2020, but as we discovered back then, this is actually not a spray wax. It’s a quick detailing spray, and we like it so much that it deserves the general spot on the list dedicated to products like this one. It’s incredibly versatile. Use it to make a car look its best between washes and combine it with a clay stick / glove as a lubricant for your tools. It certainly won’t let you down no matter how you use it.


We get it. A lot of detailing products aren’t cheap, and detailing sprays can go pretty quick if you have a large vehicle. For the money, Mothers California Gold Instant Detailer does everything you’d expect and more. A note of caution: we’ve never seen the product fill in cobwebs like mothers suggest. However, if you need a simple, quick detailer, Mothers is the place for you.

Chemical Guys

Car packaging has become a trend in recent years. Shops and owners come up with some really wild designs that color just can’t touch at times. But you can’t treat wrap like paint, and making a packaged car look its best is a bit more of a hassle. Chemical Guys’ Wrap Detailer is the right product for those of you who have a wrapped car, and the company is one of the few companies to offer a real, wax-free, spray detailer that is not good to use on a lightly soiled car.

There are a handful of fast detailers in the market for wraps, but CG’s Wrap Detailer is proving to be quite amazing and value for money. As the title suggests, it is also completely safe for packaging and is intended to protect the packaging from aging and exclude UV rays. Just spray it on and wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth to keep your swaddling job looking good.

Chemical Guys

Ceramic coatings work, and if you are paying good money to have one applied properly it is a good idea to take care of it. We were enthusiastic about the Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant from Chemical Guys – and not just for a vehicle with a ceramic coating.

While it worked wonders on a car with a ceramic coating and improved water liner, it did an excellent job on cars without it too. We actually saw some minor scratches fade away with this material. It is important to follow the instructions given. If you do, the results justify the steeper price.

P & S.

We strongly believe in P&S ‘Bead Maker Paint Protectant. Heck, we included it as a bonus product in our roundup of the best waxes of 2020. However, because of the magic it does, it absolutely deserves its proper place here.

In contrast to a normal detailing spray, Bead Maker should always be applied after a fresh layer of wax. Ideally, spray the product on a dry surface and wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth. Give this stuff 8 hours of healing time and the results are spectacular. We have never seen pearls of water so well with just a spray product, and we even applied it to exterior windows to wipe away rain while driving. It works like a charm.

best Detailing of the spray details

Best detailing spray brand Surname price

All in all


Detail spray

$ 13

For the money


California Gold Instant Detailer

$ 7

Safe for wraps

Chemical Guys

Wrap Detailer

$ 17

Ceramic coating

Chemical Guys

Carbon Flex Vitalize

$ 23

Paint protection

P & S.

Perlenmacher paint protection

$ 15

Notes on quick detailing sprays

  • Detailing sprays do not replace wax: These products are designed to help keep your car looking its best between wash and wax. They are not a substitute but an easy to use product that sits between them.
  • Spray detailing and spray waxes are very different: Don’t confuse spray wax with a quick detailing spray. Spray waxes include wax, and it’s not the best use for a lightly soiled car. Spray Detailers are formulated to work on lightly soiled cars with dust and dirt.
  • You can use Ceramic Spray Detailer without ceramic Coat: One of our recommendations illustrates this scenario. It’s a hell of a good, fast detailer, but it’s a bit expensive too. Overall, it’s probably better to choose a different product.
P&S pearl maker

We love some bead makers here.

P & S.

Enjoy your roadshow-approved glamor

With one of these spray detailers in your arsenal, you’re sure to have a boss-looking car in your driveway to make others jealous. Or maybe you want that extra wow factor before you get in the car. Regardless, these products achieve a great shine with quick details.

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