Best cheap gaming laptop under $1,000 to get in 2020

Best cheap gaming laptop under $1,000 to get in 2020

Gaming laptops can get quite expensive due to the components needed to run the latest games. This means that even cheap gaming laptops typically cost between $ 700 and $ 1,000. The good news is that you can actually get decent gaming performance at these prices, and they’re thinner and lighter than gaming laptops a few years ago. Play Fourteen days, CS: GO, PUBG, Minecraft and Apex Legends won’t be a problem for them. However, if you want to save even more money, consider outdated or open-box gaming laptops from sources like Best Buy, Amazon, Micro Center, and Woot.

We keep this summary up to date as we review new products. Below are our recommendations to help you find your ideal gaming experience based on our reviews and tests. But first, if you know what you’re looking for and want to start shopping, the best deals we currently find at major retailers are at the top, starting at just $ 699. And if you want to improve your gaming and work-from-home experience, Here is inexpensive game equipment to help you with that.

Gaming laptop deals from $ 800 to $ 1,000

Gaming laptop deals for $ 799 or less

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The 17.3-inch Acer Nitro 5 offers entry-level gaming laptops something special and not just a larger display. The screen certainly makes up a large part of its appeal: most gaming laptops under $ 1,000 have 15.6-inch displays, and the Acer’s larger screen lets you immerse yourself in the world you play in .

On the other hand, you get the Nitro 5 with a 15.6-inch display for only $ 670, including an AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics. Read our Acer Nitro 5 (17.3 inch) review.


Dell’s G-series gaming laptops are cheaper than those of the Alienware division, but can still play the latest AAA titles. There are three separate models – G3, G5 and G7 – in sizes 15 and 17 inches. The mid-range G5 15 hits the mark with an excellent price-performance ratio, build quality and design. The latest versions start at $ 850, including a special edition with AMD’s impressive Ryzen 5 4600H processor.

Dell G3 15

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While the G5 is still our first choice, the G3 is available with many of the same components, including CPUs and graphics chips, but for less money. The other features and build quality aren’t as good as the G5, but the G3 is thinner and lighter. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a school or home office laptop that can also play the latest games. Read our Dell G3 15 gaming laptop review.

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It’s the brightly screaming green keyboard that really reveals that HP’s 15.6-inch Pavilion gaming laptop isn’t just a normal mid-sized notebook. Sure, there are some fairly large rear vents, but otherwise the chassis is fairly tame and black, except for a slight shade of green on the HP logo on the lid. Inside there is an excellent mix of components that are suitable for both playing and working. Read our HP Pavilion Gaming 15 review.

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The Aspire 7 is not a “gaming” laptop, but a great option if you are looking for a home office laptop that is also good for gaming. Together with an Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card and a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor, you get a good 15.6-inch full HD display and a variety of connections for $ 800.

However, the Aspire 7 is a bit chunky. For those who prefer something leaner and lighter, the Aspire 5 is just the ticket and available with an MX250 graphics card for under $ 1,000. Read our Acer Aspire 7 review.

Buying tips for a cheap gaming laptop

Older laptops with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 10 GPUs still exist, but the offerings aren’t as good as they used to be. Laptops with a GTX 1050 Ti entry card usually cost around $ 700 when you find them. This chip gives you enough graphics power to play the latest challenging games in low to medium settings. Spending between $ 800 and $ 1,000 (or a little more) will get you a laptop with a newer GTX 1650 or 1660 Ti or an older Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 in the upper midrange for a great gaming experience. You can also do this with the 6GB version of the GTX 1060 Experience the ray tracing effects a little Available with the more expensive RTX cards.

For the best gaming experience with an affordable gaming laptop, make sure you get the best possible graphics performance right from the start, as unlike memory or storage, it can’t be updated later. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for an older Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti or a newer 1650 graphics card that will give you good gaming performance on newer games with medium or high settings. Prices start at around $ 600. In the long run, if you can afford to spend more than $ 1,000, it is better to buy a laptop with an older Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB memory or a newer 1660 Ti.

In addition to the graphics chip, look for:

  • An eighth or ninth generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor or an AMD Ryzen 4000 series processor
  • At least 8 GB of memory (also known as RAM)
  • At least one 256 GB solid-state drive, a combination of a 128 GB SSD and a hard drive, or a large solid-state hybrid drive

Most, if not all, gaming laptops allow you to easily expand or upgrade memory and storage. So it’s best to put your money in the GPU and processor. Sure, with a gaming desktop you get more for your money, but if you don’t have room for one or need to be mobile, these budget-friendly laptops are well worth the investment.

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