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Want ChatGPT closer to hand? One of the best ways to have quick and easy access to ChatGPT is through its range of Chrome extensions. They also give you better ways of using ChatGPT, including helping you to write better prompts to get improved responses, or granting ChatGPT the ability to search the internet, which provides access to more up-to-date information.

Here are the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions you can use right now.

ChatGPT for Google browser extension demo

ChatGPT For Google

Jealous of Bing Chat and its ability to chat with you while you’re searching, or to use the latest GPT-4 language model? No need. Just grab ChatGPT for Google from the web store and you can use ChatGPT alongside Google search. Indeed, just do a normal Google search and next to the results, you’ll get a response from ChatGPT too, which can sometimes be more beneficial than the Google results themselves.


Want ChatGPT to respond to anything wherever you go online? Merlin brings ChatGPT with you to any website, so you can highlight any text or webpage, and ask for ChatGPT to respond to it. You can have it summarize a webpage for you, or give you a rundown of a YouTube video so you don’t need to watch it all.

Talkberry Chrome Extension for ChatGPT.


Why spend time typing to ChatGPT when you can just talk to it instead? With TalkBerry, you can simply speak to ChatGPT. Install the extension, make sure your microphone or headset are plugged in, and you’ll be off and running. With TalkBerry, you can save a lot of time on prompt inputs, or use ChatGPT as a language tutor and have it listen and work with you on your pronunciation and language comprehension.


Improve your social media game with TweetGPT, a ChatGPT plug-in that uses the power of the AI chatbot tool to craft funnier, snarkier, more engaging, or friendlier tweets and replies. You can select the topic you want to post about, your emotional tone, and the language, and ChatGPT will do the rest. You can even edit the message afterwards if you don’t like some of its wording.

GPT EZ themes.
This is GPT

This is GPT

If you don’t like the ChatGPT interface and want to change it to your own preferences, give GPT-EZ a try. It lets you customize the UI of the ChatGPT website, including its color scheme and font styles, as well as a range of other options. It also lets you more readily copy and continue conversations with ChatGPT, and makes it easier to download your conversation logs.


Make the most of AI chatbots by using some of the most highly rated prompts. SnackPrompt lists and ranks the best prompts made by other chatbot users the world over, giving you access to some of the latest and greatest AI functions.

WebChatGPT interface.


One of ChatGPT’s greatest limitations is its inability to access recent information. Even if you’re using the latest GPT-4 language model, it still only has access to information from up to 2021. With WebChatGPT, you can give ChatGPT the ability to search the web for more recent sources of information. Grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store, and just toggle it on when using ChatGPT to enjoy this handy feature.

YouTube Summary

Love YouTube tutorials, but don’t want to sit through the preamble? Have this ChatGPT extension summarize the instructions for you. Simply grab the transcription from the YouTube video page, then input it into the plug-in and you’ll get an instant summary. It also works for articles, emails, or scientific papers.

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