Best Blogging Platforms on the Internet

Best Blogging Platforms on the Internet

Best Blogging Platforms : If you are looking out to connect with the internet world, then blogging is the best way to reach out. Whatever you want to express, whether to express your passion, or to increase your connectivity on a personal level, or even to promote your business, and then Blogging is the right choice for you. In this article, you will find some of the best blogging sites that are available in the internet for you.

Best Blogging PlatformsTo write and manage blogs is not the only thing in blogging. It is more than that. It requires presentation skills, appearance customization, and offering perfect interaction for your blog visitors. Hence, it is very mandatory that you chose the right platform for your blogging, based on your requirements. Here, we are providing you the best blogging platforms that are available along with their features, for you to make a decision.

If you are an experienced blogger, and are searching for a platform that offers many features then you should be ready to pay the price. On the other hand, if you are a beginner and are looking out for the one that facilitates you as a newbie, then you can go for some of the basic blogging platforms.

Here, in this list of blogging platforms, we offer you some choices that ma suit your blogging needs:

  1. org

This version of wordpress comes with some additional customization features that the .com version does not provide. Other than that, all the other features are the same among the two. This platform is for those who want to control completely over the customization of their blog.

  1. Ghost

This is an open source platform that is very easy to use for its simple and clean interface. For beginners, this can be right choice for its ease in use. This can also be a good choice for expert bloggers for its interface, when compared to other blogging services.

  1. Drupal

Drupal is not just a blogging platform, but it is also a content management system. The complicated interface of Drupal makes it a harder choice for beginners.

  1. Joomla

This is another content management system, but it is much easier than Drupal. It is a right choice for businesses, because it offers flexibility with a wide range of content options.

  1. com

It is one of the most popular blogging platforms, for the millions of users like its simple creation and maintenance options. The platform is free for use and there are also some paid upgrades are available.

  1. Squarespace

This platform comes with a wide variety of options in customization. It is bets for businesses for their blogs, because the platform lets you expand your services in blogging. The only drawback of Squarespace is that the theme and plugin support are not so great with it.

  1. Weebly

This platform is for those who want no hassles and quickly create and update their blogs. Weebly provides a wide variety of easy to use features, and is great for businesses who want to maintain their blog on their websites.


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