Best Apple MacBook deals: The 2020 MacBook Air is on sale for $900


The new 2020 MacBook Air.

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Apple’s brand new MacBook Air currently sells at B & H Photo for $ 900 – the lowest price we’ve ever seen – and is now in stock. The 2020 version of Apple’s most portable laptop features the Magic keyboard, which was first introduced on the computer 16-inch MacBook Pro. There are also 10th generation Intel processors, a new Force Touch trackpad, and 256GB of storage for entry-level configuration.

All of this is undeniably great – with the possible exception of the processor. The previous entry-level model was equipped with Intel’s eighth-generation dual-core i5 CPU. The new one comes with Intel’s 10th generation dual-core i3 chip, and upgrading to the Core i5 costs an additional $ 100. Oh, and that Webcam specifications remain inexplicably old, still stuck at a resolution of only 720p. Still, it’s a largely solid upgrade for a great laptop that is now selling at a reasonable price.

MacBook discounts compared


List price

Best price (current)

Best price (ever)

MacBook Air 2020 (256 GB SSD)

$ 999

$ 900

$ 900

MacBook Air 2019 (128 GB SSD)

$ 900

$ 929

$ 800

13-inch MacBook Pro 2019 (128 GB SSD)

$ 1,300

$ 1,279

$ 1,050

16-inch MacBook Pro 2019 (128 GB SSD)

$ 2,399

$ 2,190

$ 2,099

A word of caution: third-party vendors are still trying to get rid of older MacBook Air laptops. Amazon is currently selling one 2017-era Air for $ 750 – casually referred to as the “previous model”. The confusing listings will eventually be cleared up, but it is more important than ever to pay careful attention to specifications when shopping. It is also worth noting that the The Apple Store offers students an educational discountthat can save hundreds of dollars from the price of a new laptop or tablet.

Note: Although we may include Amazon links below – it often has the lowest price on Apple products – keep this in mind The retailer is delaying some deliveries of non-essential items by up to a month in the US

Here are the best deals we’ve found for each MacBook Air and MacBook Pro model that are updated regularly.

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The classic MacBook Air makes some big improvements and even lowers the starting price, making it an unbeatable starting point for students, creatives, and almost everyone else. (And speaking of students, the Apple Store Education Discount brings the price of the new MacBook Air up to $ 899 for eligible buyers.)

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B & H Photo is offering a $ 70 discount on the previous generation MacBook Air that Apple released in mid-2019. That makes it about $ 20 more expensive than the 2020 model, which sells at a lower discount.

Last year’s edition contains an Intel Core i5 processor that is older, but almost certainly more powerful than the new Core i3 model that powers the 2020 base model. The entry-level model 2019, however, only has an SSD capacity of 128 GB (compared to 256 GB in the new model) and an inferior butterfly keyboard. We think the new model is the better deal.

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B & H Photo and Best Buy, as well as Amazon, all have a $ 100 discount on the 2019 MacBook Pro base model. This laptop is now the only one in Apple’s current range that is equipped with this annoying butterfly keyboard. We saw it for sale in the not too distant past for $ 1,050.

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The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is a compilation of the MacBook functions with the greatest hits and has a larger screen with a higher resolution. Upgrades to processor, GPU, RAM and memory options; and a much improved keyboard. We recently saw this model on sale for $ 2,100. So if you can, it is worth making a better offer.

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