15 Best Android Apps for 2018:

Best Android Apps for 2018: These days people are curious to stay ahead of others in all aspects. That’s the reason why bloggers always concentrate on providing the “best lists” for their users to stay ahead of others in this modern world.
Here is one of the best list posts from Prowell-tech. Today we are writing on best android apps for 2018. This list is taken into consideration by user ratings, apps valuable features and usability of the app. Apart from those points, I have also considered the app’s popularity.
As you all know, the google play store is overgrowing day by day. Stats show that google play store has more than 3.5 million apps on it. That’s a huge number to have a glance at,
Isn’t it?
Apart from that play store is having multiple apps which are having the same functionalities.
Best Android Apps for 2018
Best Android Apps for 2018
So, people can try all these apps, that’s why we have researched and picked the best android apps for 2018. You can make use of these apps to make most out of your android device. Now without further delay, let’s get into the best android apps for 2018 list.
Note: All android apps which we provide in this list are free android apps you don’t have to pay for them. If you are not comfortable with these apps, then you are free to use alternative apps that suit your work.

20 Best Android Apps for 2018 you should use:

1.    Google Assistant:

Google assistant is a well known and popularly used app around the globe. It is one of the best assistant apps you can use on your android device. You can do tons of funny and useful things with this assistant app.
This is thus far the best artificial personal assistant apps in the google play store. With this app, you can trigger a variety of commands in google assistant on your android device.
Along with that assistant is having 35+ useful voice commands to control almost everything. This app is available in the google play store, IOS and it supports all kind of Android smartwatches and smartphones.
Although this app is launched a few years back, the advancements and updates made this app most useful to date. Its popularity and usability have made me list out this app in “Best Android Apps for 2018”.

2.    SwiftKey (Keyboard App):

When you think about keyboard apps, then SwiftKey is the best and most trusted app. This app is entrusted by more than 250 million users around the globe.
So, it cant be the worst app. Swiftkey is an AI (Artifical intelligence) App which enables to predict what users intend to type.
This app will learn the behavior of the users, and it will predict the user’s intentions. Along with that, it is also having few other unique features such as autocorrect and gesture typing feature and more.
If you are a theme freak?  Then you will use swift key because this is having 80 plus free themes. Security concerns are also low in this app because this doesn’t store any sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc.
The overall popularity of this app and user-friendly reviews made me list this app in the list of best android apps for 2018.

3.    Grasshopper:

Grasshopper is a brand new app to learn to code. With this Grasshopper app, you can quickly start your coding adventure with quick games and clever puzzles on your phone. This app helps you to write the real javascript with ease.
If you are planning to learn to code, then this is the best pick for you in google play store. Although this app is a brand new, I have listed this app in this “ best android apps in 2018” because of its massive popularity.
Grasshopper is spreading highly, and it is one of the most downloaded apps in the play store. That’s the reason why I mentioned this coding app. So get started with coding and enjoy the coding experience in 2018.

4.    Nova Launcher:

Whenever we think about the launcher app, the first thing that strikes in most of the people minds is Nova Launcher. It is because the nova launcher is one of the best android launcher apps in the play store from the past few years.
This nova launcher is having tons of customization options in it. Apart from that customization options, it is very smooth and lightweight android launcher. Nova launcher has various icon packs, and they all are readily available in google play store.
You can replace your home screen, change icons, change animations and more with this fantastic android launcher app. Some of the features of Nova launcher are Icon themes, color controls, customize app drawer, backup and restore, scroll-able dock, import layout and more.
Nova launcher is quicker than the other Android launchers that’s why you can see that name on this list of best Android apps for 2018.

5.    Google Duo:

Google Duo is the highest rated video calling app in the app store. This app has a simple interface, and it is a handy video calling app. With this google duo app, you can make quick video calls just like your regular phone calls.
This app is the highest quality video calling app with new feature knock knock. With this knock knock feature, you can see the caller before they pick up your Duo video call. This is called the duo’s live preview features.

6.    Google Drive:

Google Drive is another app which is very useful for all the users. This is a massive cloud Storage app which gives you free space to secure your files in an acquired cloud platform. You can access your data anytime from the cloud platform.
From this drive, you can quickly browse through all folders and files you saved in the trip, and along with that you can share, or move them. You can edit all the documents, forms, presentations, etc. with the help of google docs, sheets, and slides which are compressed in google drive.
Google drive gives you 15 GB of free space per users across all platforms such as google photos, trip, and Gmail. Cloud storage app is an essential app on your phone that’s the reason why I have specified this google drive app in best android apps in 2018.

7.    EverNote: Note Taking App:

Note taking app EverNote is another essential app for the day to day life. It is useful for most of the people to make a note in the variety of formats. With Evernote, you can take notes in formats such as text, photos, sketches, videos and even more.
This is one app which is used to keep peoples life organized in today’s frantic life. Ever note helps you to sync your note on all platforms which makes your work easier. If you have ever note installed on your phone, then you have your records and checklist at your fingertips.
You can quickly use your checklist any time you need them. Although most of you know about this app, I am listing it in this best android apps for 2018 because Evernote is still the best note taking app in 2018.

8.    LastPass Password Managers:

Password managers are useful in today’s hectic life. Most of the people are confused about remembering lots of passwords at a time. That’s why they always try password managers, and now if you are searching for the best password manager then you are password manager is one of the best android password managers.
This LastPass password manager helps you to save all your passwords securely. Apart from that last pass will also create unbreakable passwords to secure your accounts. By using this app, you don’t need to remember all the passwords all you have to do is remember one master password.
LastPass password manager is a free and popular app in google play store. However, LastPass isn’t the only password manager app you can find in play store you can find other password managers as well but the compared to other password managers you will find LastPass as active password managers.

9.    Es File Explorer:

File Explorer is another vital part of any android phone. When you think about file explorer, most of the people feel about Es file Explorer because it has all the necessary features which you want.
Es file explorer also has space analyzer feature. This helps you to the free up your space on your android device. You can share media files with others using ES file explorer and WiFi. Apart from these features, Es file explorer is also coming with File manager where you can back up apps, r you can uninstall apps.
Es file explorer “root explorer” option opens up lots of powerful functionalities for the rooted android devices. So, this one of the helpful apps you should have a glance at in 2018.

10.     Xender:

When it comes to files sharing Xender app is helpful. It is one of the best android apps yo from should be considering for file sharing. This app saves you la ot of time, and you don’t have to carry USB with you all the time. Xender is fifty times faster than Bluetooth and other file sharing apps.

11.    MX Player:

Mx player is one of the best video players for android device. This video player supports all kind of video and audio file formats. Apart from that this is also having a lot of features which includes the subtitle, fast forward, volume, time frames and so on.
With this video player, you can quickly zoom gestures. It also has onscreen kid lock as well. Apart from these Mx players will not have ads to its free version that’s the best thing about this app.

12.    Textra:

Most of the people love messaging, but they often feel uncomfortable with the underlying messaging apps. If you are one of them, then you can make use of extra. Textra is a messaging app which helps you to send SMS and, messages to your friends with easy layouts.
This app is having lots of themes and emojis in it. You can even send group texts easily with this best android messaging app. This lovely texting app is having lots of downloads and user-friendly ratings in the google play store that the reason why I included this extra app in the list of best android apps for 2018.

13.     Wallpaper Craft 4K Wallpapers app:

People love to keep best wallpapers on their Android devices. For that, they will search curiously for wallpaper if you are one of them then don’t waste your time in searching. You can make use of wallpapers craft app to find out the est backgrounds and wallpapers which are trending. WallPaperCraft
This app is having an extensive collection of 4K wallpapers. You can quickly hover over this app and find the best match for your android devices. Wallpaper crafts 4K app is entirely a free app. So you don’t have to pay anything all you need to do is download and install this app on your mobile to get wallpapers on your fingertips.

14.    Feedly:

Most of you might know about this RSS reader app named Feedly. This app is one of the best apps to read information from around the globe. In this app, you can see all the information organized in a single place. You don’t have to visit various sites to get information with Feedly you can do that in a single location. Feedly
This is also a helpful app in 2018 that’s why I listed this app in “15 best android apps of 2018.”

15.    Tiny Scanner app:

With this scanner app, you can quickly scan every document you need, and you can save them in PDF formats or image files. This app helps you to organize scanned data, and you can even share them on multiple platforms. Tiny Scanner app
That’s scanner comes with lots of features similar to the scanner such as color & grayscale, black & white scan pages, page size adjustments and so on. This is another useful app which you have to look in 2018.


This is all about the best android apps for 2018. Along with this, you can find many other apps which are useful such as google maps, pics art, Pockets casts, tasker, Zedge, wishful and more.  I have included only a few apps in this list of best android apps. You can find out more apps in our upcoming posts.
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