Bentley believes Octopus program will produce electric car breakthrough

Bentley Octopus electric motor project

See octopus.


Bentley believes in octopus. That means optimized components, testing and simulation, toolkits for drive trains that integrate ultra-high-speed engine solutions. Roger that?

Probably not, so we’ll explain. The British luxury brand announced on Wednesday the Octopus program, which aims to achieve a breakthrough Electric motors for future electric cars. According to the company, the engineers have discovered a breakthrough in high-performance EV motor technology in the past 18 months. Now the Octopus program hopes to achieve real results in the next three years.

According to the announcement, the program has a lot to do with electric motors that do not contain rare earth materials. The idea is to create an electric motor that is absolutely sustainable, especially for Bentley vehicles. And if everything goes according to plan, this engine should be installed directly in future electric car platforms. Bentley not only used sustainable materials, but also said that this potential electric motor would not require copper and the entire unit would be fully recyclable after the car was decommissioned.

Even better, if the results bear the fruits that Bentley believes they will, the company hopes to translate the results into the United States first Bentley EV planned before 2026.

Bentley plans to work with nine other UK organizations on this project. If successful, the company seems to believe that it could have a blueprint for future electric drives.

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