Beginners Guide to Blogging by Pro Well Tech

Beginners Guide to Blogging by Pro Well Tech

As the world is moving towards feminism and working women. Women have found out many platform to express their talents, interest and thought through a medium we most popularly call cyber space. As cyber space is one of the easily accessible places and reaches a large population. At that same time, people have made the best out of it through blogging.  As it is one of the easy medium to access a large population and easy way to earn some extra cash by doing something you love. As blogging is gaining popularity there are still few of us who are not fully aware of this concept though we have the talent but we done have the means so here are few best blogging platform for beginners here are some of the websites which will make your blogging easy they are not that complicated to handle and with time you become a pro in handling your own profile. released on November 21, 2005 it is one of the popular website which is easy to use and free of cost. Accessed for mass community blog it can be used for all purpose whether it be cooking, fashion, astrology of anything of your interest released on august 13, 1999 is one the oldest and popular blogging platform where you can express your interest, post your videos, and make people follow you, get the reviews and post the images. This website is basically free but can be charged if you want your own domain name. founded in February 2007 by David carp is one the popular blogging website which is used by a huge population around the world. Recently acquired by yahoo it has a promising future ahead in advertising and promoting bloggers with huge followers. It is mostly free but f you want a domain name you will have to pay like 10$. If you are kind if a personality who has interest in art, painting, images and photography then this is the blogging website meant for you.

Google+: firstly recommended for social networking and released on June 28, 2011 by Google developers this website is one of the popular and widely spread website for blogging and reaching out to people. Easy to use and with total users of around 560 million per month this website can give wings to your dreams this is the most easy and one of the best blogging platform for beginners. It is free of cost so you can very well explore your categories with the best features of free emailing, calling and chatting and mobile publishing it is handy to use and is absolutely free of cost.

Facebook notes : well when we talk of facebook there is nothing to go into too much of details because it is used by each and every educated and technology holder person on the planet one the widest spread website with multi functioning. You can reach a wide section of people advertise your business and talents post your videos and images and gain popularity thought this website. It is easy to use and is free of cost


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