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Helena Price Hambrecht is Woody Hambrecht I’ve always had plans for Haus, their non-alcoholic drink directed to the consumer, to create white label collaborations with local restaurants. But when the coronavirus spread across the country and damaged thousands of local restaurants, the founders of the Haus saw the opportunity to

Game of Thrones: All seasons ranked from worst to best

HBO In 2011 we saw a small crew of men in black coats venturing north of a magical wall. Grotesque ice monsters killed most of them, but one escaped. He managed to get into the woods of a northern castle, but was captured and executed for leaving his post. Millions

Westworld season 3 episode 6 recap: The Man in Black finds his purpose

The man in black confronts past demons. HBO In a relatively Dolores Lite episode this week WestworldWe meet again with Maeve, the man in black and Charlotte. As Maeve gathers help fighting Dolores and the man in black goes to a twisted group therapy session, Charlotte, aka Halores, has the

6 reasons to get into Rick and Morty before the next season

Rick Sanchez forces his grandson Morty to travel with him. Adult swim Even if you’re only immersed in a few episodes of Rick and MortyNow is the perfect time to get back on the train. The show, return for that second half of season 4 May doesn’t help you understand

Westworld season 3 episode 5 recap: Dolores sends the world into chaos

Serac as a child witnessed the destruction of Paris. HBO It was an even bigger episode than usual this week for Westworld, both to get Dolores’ plan hyper-powered and to learn more about Serac’s shady backstory. But the best – and strangest Bits – everyone took part in Caleb taking