ATM Near You Android Apps must have apps

ATM Near You Android Apps must have apps

Due to the recent Demonetization scheme, which was announced by the honourable Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Nov 8th, people are having lots of nightmares in filling money in their pockets.

As the Indian government has banned the old Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes; there has been a huge deficit of currency which was in use.

People are running towards the banks and Atm’s to draw some money, but they are finding it hard to get the money in such a big lines near ATMs.

Most of the people are simply thinking one thing that: “Is there a working Atm near me?”

ATM Near You

This was the burning question where lots of people are suffering, If you too are facing this cash deficiency and looking to find a working Atm near you, then you have good news.

Technology can help you to find the ATMs near you, with all sort of information. Most of the companies and individuals have come up with the Apps to help you in fulfilling your need to find an ATM with cash near your location, and you can also find out how long the Atm queue was and so on.

If you want to utilize this option, then you can start downloading the app from your Google play store.

Cash No Cash

Cash No Cash is an App, which can find you all the information you need. Quikr and NASSCOM launch cash No Cash, and it is a website ^( which will find all the information about the ATMs with cash in your location.

It tracks your information based on the pin code you provide. Whenever you start the app, you can find the search box where you can type your pin code and hit find cash button to find the full information about the ATMs near you.

This useful app helps you to find the information of all the ATMS near you, and it will highlight the ATMs which has cash in the form of green pins. The one which has money but a long waiting time then you can see the orange pins and if the ATMs are out of cash or Out of services you can see a red pin on that list.

CMS ATM Finder

CMS ATM finder ^( is the CMS info systems App. CMS info systems is a company which manages 55,000 ATMs across India. Now, due the present crisis of the deficit money in ATMs across the India cms info systems had started an app to help all the users to get out from this cash crisis. It has set up an ATM finder tool, and that tool will provide all the information on the working ATMs in your city and your location.

You can just select your city and find out if any of your nearby ATMs have cash or not. Although this was limited to the 55,000 CMS ATMs due to the present situation, it can benefit lots of people by having the accurate information on their smartphones. This information will come straight from the company which is operating all the ATMs. It is better to try your luck in this sort of situation to find a cash Atm near you.

  1. Walnut

Walnut ^( generally an SMS Expense tracker to securely manage you’re all bank and card spends. It was just a simple personal finance management app, but due the present crisis it has also included a feature in its app, and they launched it to help people to get cash from ATMs.

This Apps new features Finds an ATM with cash near you is one of feature where you can use to find the ATMs near you. This app presently has more than 1 million app users, and you can see that’s a huge amount of downloads.  This app works on it users and tracks when they withdraw cash to help you all to locate ATMs with cash near you and your area.

Based on the user’s information it can tell you if Atm has cash or no cash and also the user base also shares more details on the length of the queue with this fantastic app. It provides more data to serve people who are looking for cash in its upcoming updates as well. The company said that it has the plan to add additional information regarding the availability of currency amount and specific notes which are at ATMs in its next update. Its next update is nearer to you, so you don’t have to worry.

But, this walnut app shows pretty different than the other two apps, in this app determining of cash or no cash in ATMs is quite easy. It just shows you the map and points the Atm that are not working as a grey pins on the Map, and if you want to see the ATMs that were active recently, then you know the information of Atm in Map with the Green pin, pointed on it. This is all about the walnut app.

  1. Atm Search

Atm search is an app which shows information of ATMs near you with the help of crowdsourced data, Atm search is a website (, it provides all the information which you want about the ATMs both through its app and its website as well.  Here you can search for any area you want to check and just hit the search Atm button.

You can get the total data of the ATMs around you with the landmark and its bank name and the updated time as well. With this app you can get the list showing all the ATMs that has cash and also the list which has no cash, you can also find the how long you should stay in Atm queue to get money along with the landmark of the Atm. As this was the crowd-sourced website Atm search lets users to update the info to find and solve user’s issues quickly.

This is all about the Android Apps which can show you the cash no cash in your city. If you want more, you can have a look at other alternatives like Google maps, and social media as well.

ATM Near Me


This is all about the Android Apps which show cash no cash in your city, and I hope these apps can help you to take money from ATMs for your daily purposes.

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