As threats to the company mount, TikTok pushes back – ProWellTech

As threats to the company mount, TikTok pushes back – ProWellTech

Like TikTok the existential roller coaster ride continues to wince, the company is trying to influence regulators and the public with a stream of dollars and arguments wrapped in free enterprise and free speech to ensure that its parent company Bytedance can maintain control of its operations.

The drive to validate his business comes when reports revolve around a potential presidential ban and make offers from Microsoft to take over the company’s business in the U.S.

While facing domestic competitors and political attacks, TikTok and its parent company Bytedance have garnered defenders of the American civil rights movement.

Late at night, the American Civil Liberties Union he tweeted his objections to the ban proposed by President Trump.

“With any Internet platform, we should be concerned about the risk of sensitive private data being channeled to offensive governments, including ours,” the ACLU wrote in a later statement. “But closing a platform, even if it were legally possible to do so, harms the freedom of speech online and does nothing to solve the wider problem of unjustified government surveillance.”

Meanwhile, sentiment in China seems resigned to the United States’ resignation, forcing Bytedance to divest its US interests. In a Sina Technology survey on the social media platform, Weibo wondering what the people of Bytedance who potentially sell TikTok to Microsoft think, 36.7 thousand of the 75.3 thousand respondents saw it as “a reluctant and defenseless solution that is understandable”, while 35.1 thousand said they were “disappointed” and hope [the company] it can hold a little longer ”.

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Although ownership of the service remains an open question, the company moved quickly to reassure its users that TikTok would continue operating in the United States.

The company is also redoubling its efforts to attract creators, although it faces flaws in its potential mishandling of user data.

On Tuesday, a group of the company’s biggest celebrities, with a collective audience of around 47 million viewers, left the platform for its much smaller competitor, Triller.

Founded in 2015, two years before TikTok began its explosive rise to prominence, Triller is supported by some of the biggest names in American music and entertainment including Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, Marshmello, Lil Wayne, Juice WRLD, young offender, Kendrick Lamar, Baron Davis, Tyga, TI, Jake Paul is Troy Carter.

Now, the stars of TikTok are Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson, Noah Beck and Anthony Reeves who join their ranks as investors and advisors. Richards, Johnson, Beck and Reeves were also compensated by Triller, but the reason they mentioned leaving the service is because of government security concerns.

Triller is compensating for Richards, Johnson, Beck and Reeves, although the details of the agreements have not been disclosed. Despite this, the creators say they will leave TikTok because they have been wary of the security practices of the Chinese-owned company.

“After seeing the concerns of the governments of the United States and other countries towards TikTok – and I was given my responsibility to protect and guide my followers and other influencers – I followed my entrepreneurial instinct and made it My mission is to find a solution, “Richards, who is taking on the title of Chief Strategy Officer, told the Los Angeles Times.

TikTok responded by announcing a dramatic increase in the company’s creative fund. Initially set at $ 200 million, in a blog post earlier this week, TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer has announced that the fund will reach $ 1 billion over the next three years.

The TikTok charm offensive can avoid assaults, but the company will face concerns about user data. It is the most urgent threat to the company and the one with which it is least equipped.

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