Applications for managing your finances really well

Applications for managing your finances really well

One of the greatest quote in Human History goes like “every penny saved is every penny earned”. Yes, in the contemporary world, the secret to getting rich is not earning a lot of money but saving a lot of money is. It is important that people understand their personal finances really well in order to acquire the wealth that is necessary for a happy future.

The coming future is lethal, the inflation is all time high, people are going to retire early and there are going to be very less jobs left. Starting today with personal finance management may help a lot of people lead a happy life in the coming times.

Here is a list of five amazing apps that makes personal finance management easier:

Toshl Finance

This one app works on the formula of Income Vs. Expense. You can use the timeline feature for keeping a tab on the expenses you made today, yesterday and in the last month. Keep a record of everything and you will see your future getting on track.

Money Lover

This money management app is very similar to the first one we discussed. The only difference is that Money Lover is not good at providing reminders or providing with currency conversion rates. The terminology of this app is very similar to Toshl, hence it is easier for the users to migrate.


Nothing beats your financial management as badly as your uncontrolled expenses. With Prism app you will be able to keep a tab on your expenses and see that you are spending right amount of money on right things.


This is the most favorite personal finance management app on the Internet today. People love this app because it not only helps them keep their expenses in control but also allows them to save themselves from getting taxed. This is one of those few intelligent apps that are going to help people lead a grateful life.

Bankrate Mortgage app

One of the few apps with the best of banking rates and calculators. One can use this cool app for finding the interest rate they will be paying once they start using their credit card. This is one of the best ways of dealing with high interests charged by banks on varied credit cards and loans.

Personal finance is a lot of mathematics and very less of theory. The more you practice it the better you get at it. Once you have started using these apps you will develop an understanding of the dynamics and this will help you understand the money really well.

Believe in yourself and keep a tab on all the expenses you are making and this way life will turn out to be better for you. You will be able to save a fortune for yourself and lead a happy life.

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