Apple Watch Series 6 rumors: Blood oxygen levels, better sleep tracking and more

Apple Watch Series 6 rumors: Blood oxygen levels, better sleep tracking and more
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This year’s launch cycle may have been looped, but the next Apple Watch is still on its way to an autumn debut. The next Apple Watch (probably synced Series 6), is expected to start next to the new one iPhones at a virtual kick-off event in September or October. And although we don’t know exactly what Apple has in store for the watch, there are many rumors and even a few hidden clues in the current WatchOS 7 update unpack in the meantime.

Design: A round Apple Watch, but not this year

This year’s Apple Watch will likely look very similar to its predecessors: a square case with rounded edges and an OLED screen that curves on the sides. As in previous years, Apple could introduce some minor improvements, such as: B. the enlargement of the screen (to present the new watch faces that are included) WatchOS 7), different materials for the frame and a few more watch band options, but so far there isn’t much evidence of a radical redesign of the Apple Watch.

Circular rumors Dial on the Apple Watch have been circulating for a few years and Apple has even granted several Apple Watch patents that show what a round display could look like. However, the existence of a patent does not guarantee that Apple will use it in an end product. With such a big change, Apple would have to redesign the watch’s hardware and software, so it could take a few more years for it to become a reality.

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Apple Watch Series 6: What to Expect


Pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen levels

Health has been a key growth category for the Apple Watch since its inception. Lastly, native sleep tracking was added. Mobility metrics and hearing health warnings in WatchOS 7. We expect this trend to continue. The big health feature of Series 6 this year could be SpO2 tracking or the ability to monitor blood oxygen saturation.

According to 9to5Mac, iOS 14 code fragments indicate that the next Apple Watch will be able to detect blood oxygen levels and warn users if it detects values ​​below a threshold that is considered “healthy”, similar to what the watch does with the high and low heart does rate warnings. The blood oxygen content is generally measured as a Pulse oximeter At your fingertips and to do this on your wrist, Apple would most likely need to add new hardware to the watch, making it an exclusive Series 6.

A recent report published by DigiTimes also mentions that Apple has signed a contract with ASE Technology, a Taiwanese manufacturer, to bring new biosensors to the watch that enable SpO2 tracking day and night.

This would be good timing as some doctors recommend it Pulse oximeter devices to monitor COVID-19 symptomsand people started Purchase of pulse oximeters during the coronavirus pandemic.

Robust sleep tracking

The Apple Watch (Series 3 and higher) will finally get it native sleep tracking with the update to WatchOS 7 in the fall, but the 6 series could make sleep tracking more robust by improving battery life and tracking blood oxygen levels at night.

Unlike some sleep apps, as well as some Apple Watch competitors that include a breakdown of sleep quality and stages, the Apple Watch mainly focuses on the time you spend sleeping. If the Series 6 has SpO2 tracking, it may also be able to display the estimated oxygen fluctuations at night and help users identify sleep-related conditions such as sleep apnea.

A child-friendly Apple Watch

The leaked iOS 14 code also reportedly points to new tools for parents. Instead of giving their kids an iPhone, parents who want to keep in touch with their kids could set up a second Apple Watch (completely separate from their own) that uses their iPhone and Apple ID as the host. This would also give the parents the final say on what kind of content their children can access on the watch, such as: B. Emergency contacts and music.

With a feature called SchoolTime, parents can even determine which apps can be used at what times to limit distractions in the classroom.

This would also mean adapting some of the health functions to younger users. According to 9to5Mac, the ring system (used for activity tracking) would be based on different metrics. For example, the red movement ring would track active minutes instead of active calories, as is the case with adults. The watch will also encourage kids to keep moving by offering virtual rewards when participating in sports or outdoor activities.

Pursuit of panic attacks and stress

The Apple Watch Series 6 is also reported to have several mental health monitoring features, including the ability to recognize when the wearer is about to experience one Panic attack (Another current feature if it fails during the global pandemic). This rumor was also mentioned in the April 30 leak referring to Mental Health Abnormalities Detection.

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