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Apple announced that it plans to increase its corporate spending in Germany. In particular, the company wants to build a new plant in Munich. The team, dubbed the European Silicon Design Center, will focus on 5G and potentially future wireless technologies.

The company said Munich is already the largest engineering center in Europe. 1,500 engineers are already working there. In particular, Apple has put together its own team of engineers to work on power management chips.

Overall, half of Apple’s power management engineers are in Germany. Since then, Apple’s teams in the country have expanded beyond power management to work on other chip designs.

Now Apple plans to invest $ 1.2 billion ($ 1 billion) in a new building and new R&D investments over the next three years. While Apple is partnering with Qualcomm for the iPhone 12 series 5G modems, the company has also taken over most of the Intel smartphone modems business.

In addition to internal chip development, the Apple teams are also working on integrating third-party hardware into devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The company is also using this announcement to remind everyone that it is investing a lot of money in Germany overall. Apple works with many German providers such as DELO, Infineon and Varta. Overall, Apple has spent 17.8 billion US dollars (15 billion euros) on 700 German companies in the past five years

Here is a representation of the new building on Karlstrasse in Munich. It should open at the end of 2022:

Credit: Apple

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