Apple is replacing faulty AirPods Pro earbuds for free

Apple is replacing faulty AirPods Pro earbuds for free


Apple will replace AirPods Pro earbuds with sound problems.

Angela Lang / CNET

AirPods Pro earbuds Sound and noise cancellation issues are replaced by Apple at no charge. Some users have experienced crackling and static electricity since purchasing it AirPods Prothat went on sale almost a year ago. Apple said Friday that affected units are those manufactured before October 2020.

Apple’s support page states that defective AirPods are “serviced” for free.

“AirPods Pro (left, right, or both) with a confirmed problem will be replaced,” Apple said. “Your AirPods Pro will be checked before each service to ensure they are eligible for this program.”

According to the tech giant, the AirPods case isn’t affected by the problem.

According to Apple, problems include crackling and static electricity, which are worsened in noisy environments or when making calls, loss of bass noise, and an increase in background noise. The news was discovered by Bloomberg the previous Friday.

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