Here’s something probably useful, definitely predictable, and also a bit sad – more on the last point below.

Android phones may have their own “Find My” network, just like iPhones:

  • XDA developer some data decrypted in the latest version of the google play services introduced in the beta channel. The strings extracted from the code describe a “Find My Device Network” service that enables your phone to find your device and that of other people.
  • This is great because there are three billion Android devices and the “Find My Device” feature is limited for now: it can find devices that are signed in to the user’s Google account.
  • At least once or twice a week I ask my Google Home Mini (aka Nest Home) “Find my phone” and my Pixel 4a 5G trills loudly and happily until I track it down.
  • Now it seems like the Find My Device Network could help other Android users find their phones on a big new network.
  • We don’t know if it’s an Android 12 integration or still a separate app, but we asked Google for more information.

We could really, really use some kind of shared technology here:

  • The sad thing is that this is going to be a battle between Apple and Android. I can’t find your iPhone or luggage with an AirTag on my Android device and you can’t find my Pixel with your iPhone.
  • Surely it would be better if iPhones could find Android devices, Androids could find iPhones (and AirTags), and we could all just … help each other.
  • It’s worth giving some credit to third-party vendors like Tile who have offered cross-platform finding, but only for their Bluetooth trackers.
  • A system-level approach should go further, however, since losing things (or having them stolen) is no fun at all.
  • Of course, Apple’s approach is to give in to its aggressive, walled-in ecosystem approach, possibly making minor concessions over time.
  • Can we all just get along so we don’t lose our things?

💸 Thieves realize that stealing bank account information from phones is better than reselling the device (Android authority).

👉 Samsung’s first Fan Edition tablet lands in India with Android 11, large battery (Android authority).

Also, Samsung’s future foldable devices could have quirky rotating cameras … that can be a really nice innovation (Android authority).

🔧 US lawmakers are proposing a 25% tax credit to incentivize domestic chip production (Engadget).

🚫 Following complaints, Snapchat is withdrawing its speed filter (TechCrunch).

🎮 You can sign up to try Sony’s PS5 beta software before a “big” update comes out soon (Gizmodo).

🥽 Welp: Facebook will run ads in Oculus Quest apps. Three big questions here: what about hardware sensor data usage, how is this affecting VR development, and isn’t it just adding to big tech’s concerns? (The edge).

📆 Interesting: Microsoft is now holding a second, separate event for Windows developers on June 24th (On MSFT).

🎶 Porsche has a new system to feed in “individual original music” depending on “acceleration, speed and centrifugal forces in the car”. Hopefully it’s very comforting when you’re in traffic … (Engage).

🛰️ GPS III has come a long way, but with a new generation fifth satellite, the constellation gets much, much better (Wired).

🌌 The center of the Milky Way may not be a black hole, but a huge amount of dark matter (Popular mechanics).

📦 “Who is seen as the ‘villain’ in the story, but was actually okay?” (R / askreddit).

Okay, keep calm, but the Tamagotchi is back! In smartwatch form!

For the 25th anniversary (oh no, I’m old) the Tamagotchi Smart Wearable is here as a new attempt to revive the old Tamagotchi world from 1996-1997. You can feed it again or, um, forget to feed your digital buddy.

  • The device itself has a large color display with touch, voice control (to wake up or cheer up), functions such as pedometer and clock, and you can also connect to friends’ devices.
  • But the main thing is the Tamagotchi itself, and there are adorable / slightly creepy little new characters, new outfits, ways for your Tamagotchis to hang out together, and the touchscreen lets you stroke and even tickle your Tamagotchi.
  • Either way, it costs 6,380 yen (~ $ 60), and you can also purchase additional “smart cards” for 1,100 yen (about $ 10) that you can insert into the device, which is based on physical DLC listens. You can use these cards to add characters and items.
  • Crucially, it’s just Japan for now (opened with a Japanese female singer band, NiziU) and will be out in November – there’s no word about a wider release.

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