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This week we saw on Apple news that the company confirms it will host a livestream hardware event next week. However, it is very unlikely that we will see the iPhone 12 range at this event. Instead, Apple will likely launch some other products and save iPhones for October.

In other Apple news, we’ve heard a lot about the new line of iPhones. The phones are reportedly going into production, but likely only two models will hit the market when Apple holds its iPhone event.

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Last week’s top Apple news:

  • Hardware start planned for September 15th: Next Tuesday, Apple will carry out a hardware introduction. The company sent out invitations to the press earlier this week. As with the company’s major event earlier this year, there will be no press representatives at the launch.
  • However, don’t expect iPhones next week: It’s very unlikely that Apple will launch iPhones at next week’s event. Instead, we’re expecting some new iPads, the sixth edition of the Apple Watch, and possibly Apple AirTags – the company’s answer to tile trackers. IPhone 12 series devices are expected to hit the market in October.
  • Only some iPhones may start up when they land: There are several rumors that Apple has no plans to launch the entire iPhone 12 lineup in October (or whenever it decides to hold its event). Rumor has it that Apple could launch the iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro first, and then the iPhone 12 (the smallest / cheapest variant) and the iPhone 12 Pro Max at a later date. It’s also possible for Apple to announce all four phones but delay sales dates of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max Pro. In any case, it is certain that, at least initially, you will not see all the iPhones in stores at the same time.
  • IPhone mass production reportedly hasn’t even started: According to Nikkei Asian ReviewThe iPhone 12 range doesn’t even boil in terms of manufacturing. Nikkei claims the iPhone 12 series won’t go into mass production until the end of this month. AirTags are likely ready to go, however (which is why we expect them to be rolled out next week).
  • Apple receives patent for Touch ID in the display: There is one more rumor suggesting that Apple might work on phones with built-in fingerprint sensors. Obviously, this is something Android users have had for years, but Apple went all-in on Face ID instead (that didn’t work out so well with the pandemic and anything). According to the patent application, Apple’s version of the sensor could cover most of the display, which would make a big difference between it and Android counterparts.
  • Apple now has its own face mask: A report from Bloomberg Shows how Apple created its own face mask to protect its corporate and retail employees from the spread of COVID-19. All in all, the mask looks like any other mask but is called the Apple Face Mask which makes it better.

Are you thinking of making the switch?

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