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Android will let you play games before they’ve finished downloading

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  • Android 12 will include a “play as you download” feature that will allow you to start games before all of the content is available.
  • This reflects a feature that you often see in console and PC games.
  • Games could start “at least” twice as fast as before.

Tired of waiting forever for an Android game to download gigabytes of content before you can start playing? You will get a solution soon. Google announced that Android 12 will include a download-to-play feature that, as the name suggests, will allow you to start playing before the entire game is on your phone.

The download feature could get you into a game in “seconds,” Google said. In early testing, the company saw games hit the market “at least” twice as fast.

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Android 12‘s download technology goes hand in hand with existing efforts to improve the gaming experience, such as: B. smarter texture compression, a new anti-cheat framework (Play Integrity) and improved pre-registration for upcoming titles.

This is not a new concept if you are a seasoned gamer. Many console and PC gaming platforms allow you to launch a game after a partial download – it is relatively rare for this to be built into mobile operating systems. It could be more useful on cell phones too. You might discover a hot new game on your way to work and start playing long before you get to school or work.

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