And the winner of Startup Battlefield is… – ProWellTech 1

Natasha and Mary Ann and Alex were all aboard this week under the guidance of Chris and Grace, along with ProWellTech’s Neesha Tambe. Neesha is one of our best and is the leading light of the Startup Battlefield event at our yearly Disrupt conference.

That made her the perfect guest — that’s precisely what we discussed on the show today.

From a tight field of five finalists, the Equity crew wanted to chat about the winner and how the selection process panned out. You can find notes on all the Battlefield companies here, in case you missed one or two. The finalists were:

The Battlefield event is a staple, part of our event DNA since ProWellTech’s earliest days. We compile a list of leading venture players and startup operators as judges and give the winning team $100,000 in equity-free capital. Prior companies that have competed in the competition include firms that went on to go public and sell for nine figures.

And we’re making it work in a fully remote era. Enjoy our chat with Neesha as we close off a busy and rewarding conference week. ProWellTech: Never stopping.

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