Developing a Top-Notch Mobile App

An End-To-End Guide to Developing a Top-Notch Mobile App

There can be no denying that mobile apps are a lucrative business and bring many benefits if you can get the development right. Among the successes are many failures and failure not only means a waste of time and effort but often costs business money in the long term.

So how do you get it right and have success in a market that is predicted to be worth $613bn in 2025!

Why Apps Fail

Apps fail for a variety of reasons. This includes:

  • No defined value proposition.
  • Bad UX.
  • Fails to solve a problem.
  • No monetization strategy.

It is quite easy to make these mistakes. To have a better chance of success it is important that before you get to the nuts and bolts of coding the app, consider what you want it to do.

Developing a Top-Notch Mobile App
Developing a Top-Notch Mobile App

Defining Strategy

Before coding, consider:

  • Unique Value Proposition– What is the UVP of your app. What will it bring to the customer experience and what problem will it solve?
  • Establish Performance Standards and Goals– Ensure that any defined goals are in line with business decisions. In other words, if your app is to open a new revenue stream state how much this new stream is worth.

Also, define standards such as mobile app authentication and KPIs. This gives your teams something to work towards and makes it clear what is expected.

  • Identify Your Customer– Establish who exactly your users are. This will help you identify their problems and what they value.
  • Define App Features– Ensure your app isn’t overly complex and its purpose is clear. Try and do too much and you could drive users away.
  • Secure Data– Your app has to be data secure. Huge fines and your business reputation can take a serious hit should your app have security flaws.
  • Data Intelligence– Successful apps collect large amounts of data. Decide how you are going to use it to enhance the business.
  • Monetization – Decide how you’re going to make money from your app. This can include ads, lead generation, affiliate marketing, and so on and so forth.

Prepare Software Requirements Specifications (SRS)

Now the nitty-gritty is done it is time to define the platform, tech stack and create the SRS document.

The document will contain a comprehensive overview of the app including customer profiles, goals, and strategies together with technologies and other important features. This can be presented to stakeholders to help them grasp what the project is about.

Platform and Tech Stack

In terms of platform choice, it depends mostly on where your users are. Europe tends to favor Android while the U.S. and Japan, the iPhone. It is an idea to build a cross-platform solution, but remember that native apps normally perform better. One thing to bear in mind is that iPhone user are happier to pay for apps.

Supported devices throw up another question. iOS has 9 vs. Androids 90 plus.

Once you have this thrashed out you are ready to put together your app.

Hopefully, this has given you a good picture of how to develop a good app for your business needs.

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