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Getting to the gym has never been easy – just remember how many of your gym membership have been wasted – but at Corona’s ageIt is more difficult than ever. There are many alternatives. You can run outdoors, buy an exercise bike, or one High-intensity training at home. But I tried a new training option that changed my way of training. BlazePod is a series of touch-sensitive, luminous pods that, in conjunction with an app, set up and evaluate a large number of games and workouts with high intensity. You can get them all for the next week BlazePod kit for 15% discount when you apply the discount code FATHER at checkout.

BlazePod offers a range of kits, but the one that I would recommend to most people is the standard kit that contains four pods. Usually $ 279, you can get that Standard BlazePod Kit now for $ 237 if you use code FATHER at checkout.

Other kits are also available. For example, if you’re a professional trainer, trainer, or physical therapist, you might be more interested BlazePod Trainer Standard Kit for $ 340 with code FATHER at checkout.

BlazePod is an unusual product, so I have to unpack it a little. Each pod is a robust, water-repellent device in puck size that can display one of eight different colors via the integrated bright RGB LED. You communicate with the BlazePod app, where you choose a game or workout from a huge list of options. You can filter the results by number of players, number of pods to use, type of exercise, and more. The pods themselves can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall or post (BlazePod contains suction cups and tapes for a variety of mounting options).

Many games are variations of reaction exercises. You may have to walk to a pad when it lights up and taps or treads on, or put on boxing gloves and hit them that are attached to a heavy bag or wall. There are sprint exercises and variations of pushups and burpees where you have to react to the illuminated pods. You can choose the game “Lateral Hurdle Jump” in which you jump over low hurdles to reach an illuminated capsule, tap on it and then jump to the next one. Some exercises require you to bring additional equipment, e.g. B. boxing gloves, an exercise ball or basketball. Others only need the pods and enthusiasm. And believe me when I tell you that you won’t run out of exercises so quickly. There are dozens and dozens in the app to choose from. Everyone is also customizable.

Charging the pods is particularly easy. They stack up like a pile of upside down bowls and sit on a charging station. All will be charged as a group in a few hours. No matter how many you have, they will all be charged at once.

I’m really digging BlazePod; Not only is it a great thing to respond to the pods by slamming your hand (or knee or foot, depending on the exercise) to register the hit and move on to the next pod, but the variety of games means you don’t get bored of doing the same thing every day. And while you can use it alone when the pandemic is over for now, it’s perfect for group activities, team sport warm-up, and 1-on-1 competition training.

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