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Amazon Prime Video to globally premiere 7 Indian movies

Amazon obtained the right to preview seven Indian films initially scheduled for theatrical release directly on his Prime Video streaming service on-demand in a move that has pushed two large cinema chains to express “extreme displeasure” and “disappointment”.

Amazon Prime Video to globally premiere 7 Indian movies as theaters remain closed – TechCrunch
Amazon Prime Video to globally premiere 7 Indian movies

The e-commerce giant, who is said to be negotiating to buy the AMC theater chain, said on Friday that he will release these films, including “Gulabo Sitabo” with Indian legend Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana, and “Shakuntala Devi” with Vidya Balan as an advantage, in the next three months starting in May.

Prime Video subscribers

Prime Video subscribers will not have to pay an additional fee to access these films, which cover five Indian languages, the company said. Other “highly anticipated” titles are the Tamil drama “Ponmagal Vandhal”, “Penguin” (Tamil and Telugu), “Law” (Kannada), “French Biryani” (Kannada) and “Sufiyum Sujatayum” (Malayalam).

The move comes as India maintains a nationwide blockade that has left over 9,500 theaters and other public places closed.

PVR and INOX, two large theatrical chains in India that jointly manage around 1,500 screens in the country, said they were alarmed and worried about the move.


“Such acts, although isolated, spoil the atmosphere of mutual collaboration and portray these content producers as friends in good weather rather than as partners all the time for a lifetime. Needless to say, INOX will be forced to examine its options and reserves all rights, including the adoption of compensation measures, in dealing with such good weather friends, “INOX said in a statement.

Amazon, which started selling movie tickets in India last year, attempted to challenge, in INOX’s words, “old age, the window model”. Over the past year and a half, the shopping giant has made deals with film studios to narrow the window for a movie to come out on its debut on a streaming service to a few weeks, two to three months in India.

INOX and PVR are not alone. Last month, AMC Theaters have claimed that it will no longer screen films made by Universal Pictures, which have released “Trolls World Tour” directly in streaming.

Prime Videos

Amazon, which groups Prime Videos into its $ 13 Prime per year subscription plan in India, said it is providing these films with a platform that reaches 4,000 cities and countries in over 200 countries and territories. The company has not disclosed how many Prime Video subscribers it has accumulated in India or elsewhere. Amazon Prime Video competes with Hotstar Disney, Netflix, and over three dozen other services in India.

Gaurav Gandhi, the director, and general manager of the Amazon Prime Video India country said in a statement that “the Indian public has eagerly awaited the release of these 7 highly anticipated films and we are delighted that Amazon Prime Video is now previewing for these films for our customers – who can enjoy watching these from the safety and comfort of their homes and on a screen of their choice. ”


It appears that Amazon did not have to spend much to acquire rights for these titles. In an interview with Huffington Post India, Ronnie Lahiri, co-producer of “Gulabo Sitabo”, said that “it wasn’t like we had crazy money from Amazon”, even though he called the deal a “win-win”.

“We are faced with unrepeatable phenomena, not seen since the Second World War. These are the times when things change. Initially, people have apprehensions but we have to adapt. This is how human civilizations have thrived. The moment we stop adapt, we’re done. Instead of waiting for the situation to improve, deal with other alternatives, “he said.


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