Altinity grabs $4M seed to build cloud version of ClickHouse open source data warehouse – ProWellTech

Altinity grabs $4M seed to build cloud version of ClickHouse open source data warehouse – ProWellTech

Earlier this month, the Snowflake cloud data warehouse turned heads when it debuted on the stock exchange. Today, Altinity, the commercial company behind the ClickHouse open source data warehouse, announced a $ 4 million seed round from Accel along with a new cloud service, Altinity.Cloud.

“Basically, the company started out as an open source services office offering support, training and [custom] engineering functionality in ClickHouse. And what we’re doing now with this investment from Accel is we’re extending it to offer a cloud platform on top of the other things we already have, ”CEO Robert Hodges told ProWellTech.

As the company describes it, “Altinity.Cloud offers instant access to production-ready ClickHouse clusters with expert business support during every aspect of the application lifecycle.” It also helps with application design and implementation and production assistance, essentially combining the consulting side of the house with cloud service.

The company was launched in 2017 by CTO Alexander Zaitsev, who had created and opened ClickHouse. So far the startup has started with the revenues from the services business.

Hodges joined last year after a stint at VMware because he saw a company with huge potential and his background in cloud services made him a good person to lead the company as he built the cloud product and moved on to the stage. next.

At its core, ClickHouse is a relational database that can run in the cloud or locally with big performance improvements, says Hodges. And it says the developers love it because you can start a project on a laptop and scale it from there.

“We are very simple to use, just a single track. You can start with a Docker image. You can run it anywhere, literally anywhere Linux runs from an Intel Nuc to clusters with hundreds of nodes, ”Hodges explained.

Accel’s investment is expected to help them complete the creation of the cloud product, which has been in private beta since July, helping them build a sales and marketing business to sell it to the target enterprise market. The startup currently has 27 people with plans to hire 15 more.

Hodges says he wants to build a diverse and inclusive company, something he says the tech industry in general has failed to achieve. He believes one of the reasons for this is the requirement of a computer science degree, which he says has created “a gate for women and people of color”, and thinks that by hiring people from more diverse backgrounds, one can build a diverse society. .

“So one of the things that’s at the top of my list is going back to a more equal and diverse population of people working on this thing,” he said.

Over time the company sees cloud business overtake the consulting arm in terms of revenue, but that aspect of the business will always play a role in the revenue mix because this is complex by nature even with a cloud service.

“Customers can’t do it entirely with a button interface. They will actually need humans to work with them and help them figure out how to frame problems, help them figure out how to build applications that deal with them. […] And then, finally, help them deal with the problems that naturally arise when you’re in production, ”he said.

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