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It’s a big universe out there, so it’s good that you have plenty of company in Starfield. After you’ve created your character and are introduced to the main members of Constellation, you will be able to start recruiting and bringing along key members on your missions as Companions. These friendly faces won’t just be from that one faction, though. You can recruit personalities from all across the settled systems to join your crew and help out in different ways on your journey, but there are some you can never meet if you don’t go looking for them. Every Companion has their own set of skills, with each ranked from one to four stars. Here are all the Companions we’ve found in Starfield, where you can recruit them, and what skills they bring to the table.

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Sarah Morgan

Leader of Constellation, you can’t miss getting her as a companion if you simply do the main questline. Her skills are:

  • Astrodynamics – 4 stars
  • Lasers – 3 stars
  • Leadership – 2 stars
  • Botany – 1 star

Sam Coe

This more rugged member of Constellation, along with his daughter, Sam, is also mandatory during the story. He comes with the following skills:

  • Piloting – 4 stars
  • Rifle Certification – 3 stars
  • Payloads – 2 stars
  • Geology – 1 star


The first member of Constellation you meet is the friendly Barrett, but don’t get to join up with until a little later in the story. Here’s how he can help you out:

  • Starship Engineering – 4 stars
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems – 3 stars
  • Robotics – 2 stars
  • Gastronomy – 1 star


And the final Companion you get from Constellation is the deadly and stoic Andreja. Here’s what she brings to the table:

  • Stealth – 4 stars
  • Particle Beams – 3 stars
  • Energy Weapon Systems – 2 stars
  • Theft – 1 star


Your first Companion isn’t human at all, but the lovable and loyal robot called Vasco. Here’s what skills he’s programmed with:

  • Aneutronic Fusion – 1 star
  • Shield Systems – 2 stars
  • EM Weapon Systems – 1 star


Your old boss when you were a humble miner is eager to start a new life if you offer it to her by going back to Argos. Here’s her résumé:

  • Demolitions – 1 star
  • Outpost Management – 3 stars


While tracking down Barrett, you can rescue your old co-worker Heller, who was abandoned on Virum. Here’s his skills:

  • Geology – 1 star
  • Outpost Engineering – 3 stars

Adoring Fan

This Companion only shows up if you took the Trait to cause you to have this dedicated fan. When he randomly shows up, you can ask him to work for you. He offers the following skills:

  • Scavenging – 1 star
  • Concealment – 1 star
  • Weight Lifting – 2 stars

Marika Boros

The Freestar Ranger at the Viewport Part on New Atlantis will help you out, but not for free. Here’s what you get for her 18,000-Credit fee:

  • Shotgun Certification – 1 star
  • Ballistics – 2 stars
  • Particle Beam Weapon System – 1 star

Simeon Bankowski

Also found at the same bar as Marika, Simeon is another hired gun you can recruit for slightly less: 15,000 Credits. Here’s his set of skills:

  • Sharpshooting  – 1 star
  • Sniper Certification – 2 stars
  • Marksmanship – 1 star

Gideon Aker

The last recruit in Viewport Bar initially wants 16,500 Credits to help you out, but you can talk him down to half that if you persuade him. Either way, he will help in the following areas:

  • Ballistic Weapon Systems – 2 stars
  • Missile Weapon Systems – 2 stars

Andromeda Kepler

Found over in the Broken Spear bar on Mars, Andromedea can be talked down from 12,000 to 6,000 Credits to join your crew. Her skills are:

  • Outpost Engineering – 2 stars
  • Piloting – 1 star
  • Aneutronic Fusion – 1 star

Otero Mill

If you talk to Moara in the same bar and help him out with a quick issue, he will join your crew free of charge. Here’s what he’s got:

  • EM Weapon Systems – 2 stars
  • Marksmanship – 2 stars

Rosie Tannehill

Hanging out on Akila’s Hitching Post bar, where you can also clear your bounty, she will lend her medical skills to your team for 15,000 credits.

  • Medicine – 1 star
  • Wellness – 3 stars

Omari Hassan

In another seat at the Hitching Post, Omari also asks you for 15,000 Credits, but can be talked down to half that price. He’s skilled in the following:

  • Shield Systems – 3 stars
  • Starship Engineering – 2 stars

Sophia Grace

Brave the streets of Neon and go into Madame Sauvage’s Place, a bar, to meet Sophia. Don’t pay her initial price of 15,000 Credits if you have the persuasion skills to cut it in half, but do bring her along to take advantage of these skills:

  • Stealth – 3 stars
  • Lasers – 1 star

Mickey Caviar

In the Astral Lounge, Mickey is hanging around looking for work for 18,000 Credits. Pay that, or half if you’re a smooth talker, and he’ll help out with these skills:

  • Gastronomy – 1 star
  • Wellness – 2 stars
  • Incapacitation – 1 star

Jessamine Griffin

You need to join the Crimson Fleet before you can head to The Key and meet Jessamine. She’s a tough customer, but you can convince her to drop her 18,000 Credit fee to 9,000 to add these skills to your team:

  • Theft – 1 star
  • Ballistic Weapon Systems – 3 stars
  • Concealment – 1 star

Amelia Earhart

Believe it or not, Amelia Earhart is not only alive more than 300 years in the future, but ready to join your team. Well, at least a perfect clone of her is, but let’s not split hairs. You will need to go through the entire “Operation Starseed” mission to actually find her, which is quite a commitment and easily missed. If you go through the trouble, this legendary (clone) pilot has these skills:

  • Piloting – 2 stars
  • Rifle Certification – 2 stars

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