All armor sets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 1

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a massive open-world game with an abundance of puzzles to solve, enemies to fell, and secrets to discover. If you want to make the most of your exploration, though, you’ll be swapping your gear around from time to time to take advantage of some armor’s various passive bonuses. We’ve compiled a list of every armor set in the game so that you can make informed decisions about which ones you’d like to cycle through.

All armor sets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Here are all of the armor sets we’ve found so far.

Archaic Set

  • Archaic Tunic
  • Archaic Legwear

Awakening Set

Gives Link a Link’s Awakening costume.

  • Mask of Awakening
  • Tunic of Awakening
  • Trousers of Awakening

Barbarian Set

Improves attack power.

  • Barbarian Helm
  • Barbarian Armor
  • Barbarian Leg Wraps

Charged Set

Link wears a full set of charged armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Grants a lightning attack in thunderstorms.

  • Charged Headdress
  • Charged Shirt
  • Charged Trousers

Climber Set

Improves climbing speed.

  • Climber’s Bandana
  • Climbing Gear
  • Climbing Boots

Dark Set

Gives Link armor that makes him look like Dark Link.

  • Dark Hood
  • Dark Tunic
  • Dark Trousers

Depths Set

Improves Gloom resistance.

  • Hood of the Depths
  • Tunic of the Depths
  • Gaiters of the Depths

Desert Food Set

Improves heat resistance.

  • Desert Voe Headband
  • Desert Voe Spaulder
  • Desert Voe Trousers

Ember Set

Grants a fire attack in hot weather.

  • Ember Headdress
  • Ember Shirt
  • Ember Trousers

Evil Spirit Set

Link wears Evil Spirit armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Improves damage with bone weapons.

  • Evil Spirit Mask
  • Evil Spirit Armor
  • Evil Spirit Greaves

Fierce Diet Set

Gives Link gear based on the Fierce Diety armor in Major’s Mask.

  • Fierce Deity Mask
  • Fierce Deity Armor
  • Fierce Deity Boots

Flamebreaker Set

Improves flame resistance.

  • Flamebreaker Helm
  • Flamebreaker Armor
  • Flamebreaker Boots

Froggy Set

Froggy Gear Set

Improves grip on slippery surfaces.

  • Froggy Hood
  • Froggy Sleeve
  • Froggy Trousers

Frostbite Set

Grants a frost attack in cold weather.

  • Frostbite Headdress
  • Frostbite Shirt
  • Frostbite Trousers

Glide Set

Link wearing the Glide Set. in Tears of the Kingdom.

Improves glide mobility.

  • Glide Mask
  • Glide Shirt
  • Glide Tights

Hero Set

Gives Link A Link to the Past-themed gear.

  • Cap of the Hero
  • Tunic of the Hero
  • Trousers of the Hero

Hylian Set

Gives Link traditional Hylian armor with no effect.

  • Hylian Hood
  • Hylian Tunic
  • Hylian Trousers

Miner’s Set

Grants glowing effect.

  • Miner’s Mask
  • Miner’s Top
  • Miner’s Trousers

Mystic Set

Link wears Mystic armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Grants effect that allows you to lose rupees instead of health when hit.

  • Mystic Headpiece
  • Mystic Robe
  • Mystic Trousers

Phantom Set

Raises Link’s attack.

  • Phantom Helm
  • Phantom Armor
  • Phantom Greaves

Radiant Set

Glows in the dark.

  • Radiant Mask
  • Radiant Shirt
  • Radiant Tights

Royal Guard Set

Gives Link a Royal Guard costume.

  • Royal Guard Cap
  • Royal Guard Uniform
  • Royal Guard Boots

Rubber Set

Improves lightning resistance.

  • Rubber Helm
  • Rubber Armor
  • Rubber Tights

Sky Set

Gives Link a Skyward Sword look.

  • Cap of the Sky
  • Tunic of the Sky
  • Trousers of the Sky

Snowquill Set

Improves cold resistance.

  • Snowquill Headdress
  • Snowquill Tunic
  • Snowquill Trousers

Soldier’s Set

Makes Link look like a Hylian soldier.

  • Soldier’s Helm
  • Soldier’s Armor
  • Soldier’s Greaves

Stealth Set

Improves stealth.

  • Stealth Mask
  • Stealth Chest Guard
  • Stealth Tights

Time Set

Gives Link an Ocarina of Time-themed set of armor.

  • Cap of Time
  • Tunic of Time
  • Trousers of Time

Tingle’s Set

Gives Link a Tingle costume.

  • Tingle’s Hood
  • Tingle’s Shirt
  • Tingle’s Tights

Twilight Set

Gives Link a Twilight Princess-themed costume.

  • Cap of Twilight
  • Tunic of Twilight
  • Trousers of Twilight

Wild Set

Gives Link a Breath of the Wild-themed costume.

  • Cap of the Wild
  • Tunic of the Wild
  • Trousers of the Wild

Wind Set

Link dresses in Wind Waker gear in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Gives Link a Wind Waker-themed outfit.

  • Cap of the Wind
  • Tunic of the Wind
  • Trousers of the Wind

Yiga Set

Link wearing the Yiga clan armor set.

Improves sneaking.

  • Yiga Mask
  • Yiga Chest Guard
  • Yiga Tights

Zonaite Set

Improves battery recharging.

  • Zonaite Helm
  • Zonaite Waistguard
  • Zonaite Shin Guards

Zora Set

Improves swim speed.

  • Zora Helm
  • Zora Armor
  • Zora Greaves

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