Adobe beefs up developer tools to make it easer to build apps on Experience Cloud – ProWellTech

Adobe beefs up developer tools to make it easer to build apps on Experience Cloud – ProWellTech

Adobe has had a developer program called for years, but today at the Adobe Developers Live virtual conference, the company announced some new tools with a new emphasis on helping developers build custom apps on the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Jason Woosley, vice president of developer experience and commerce at Adobe, says the pandemic has forced companies to create advanced digital experiences much faster than they could, and that the new tools announced today are at least in part related to accelerating business. developing better online experiences.

“Our goal is to make the experience generation business something very attractive to developers and very accessible to developers, so we’re announcing a number of tools,” Woosley told ProWellTech.

The idea is to build a more complete framework over time to make it easier to build applications and connect to data sources that take advantage of the Experience Cloud tools. For starters, Project Firefly is designed to help developers build applications faster by providing a higher level of automation than previously available.

“Project Firefly creates an extensibility framework that reduces the boilerplate a developer would need to start working with Experience Cloud and extends it to the customizations that we know each implementation ultimately needs to differentiate the store experience, the experience of the website or any other customer point of contact as these things become more and more digital, “he said.

To make those new experiences open to all, the company also announces React Spectrum, an open source set of libraries and tools designed to help members of the Adobe developer community build more accessible applications and websites.

“It comes with all the accessibility features that are often forgotten when you’re in a rush to the market, so it’s great to make sure you’re very inclusive with your design, making sure you’re bringing all aspects of your audience,” Woosley said. .

Finally, an important part of interacting with Experience Cloud is leveraging all available data to help build those more personalized customer interactions that the availability of that data enables. To this end, the company announces some new web and mobile software development kits (SDKs) designed to make it easier to connect to Experience Cloud data sources when building applications.

Project Firefly is available in developer preview starting today. Today there are also several React Spectrum components and some SDKs for data connection. The company intends to continue adding to these various pieces in the coming months.

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