A Tour of My Home Live Streaming Studio

A tour of my home live streaming studio

This year I tried to have live streaming Q&A sessions on the website ProBlogger Facebook page on a weekly basis. I have noticed that every time I go live I get more and more questions about my live video setup – whether it’s the camera I’m using, my lighting, the workflow process, or the software supports the entire production.

My setup has evolved over the past few years. Then, at the end of 2019, we moved to a new home, which further pushed me to optimize my setup.

In our old home, most of my streaming was streamed from my desk, but there is more space in my new office. So I wanted to set up a mobile video that I could stream from different parts of the room.

I bought a small mobile lectern and started building my studio on it.

Although I’m not sure if it will ever be complete – as I am constantly thinking about room for improvement – I recently decided to make a video behind the scenes of the setup.

Live streaming equipment mentioned in this video

Update: New backlight

Since I made this video, I’ve added a few lighting elements. I wanted to add a little more color and interest to the background, so I chose two options:

  1. Aputure MC – This tiny light is incredible. You can choose any color (full spectrum) and adjust intensity and saturation, which allows you to perfectly insert accent lighting in your background. I’m going to use it in a similar way to the Ledgo lights mentioned in the video.
  2. Philips Hue Lights – It was a lot of fun to play with these “Smart Lights” from Philips. However, they are by no means “studio lights”, but were designed as lights for the whole house. You can not only dim these lights via an app, but also select any light color.

At the beginning I recorded some Streaks of light because behind the TV in our living room, but I loved her so much that I decided to get some shades for the office too.

I have some Hue play lights who are now sitting behind my monitor and a couple of globes walk in lamps on my desk. I’m going to use it as backlight in my videos, but I also enjoy having some backlight behind my monitor when I’m working.

This is how they look (please excuse the lower quality iPhone photos).

A tour of my home live streaming studio

A tour of my home live streaming studio

And here is my latest Facebook Live, where you can see these Hue lights in the background.

#AskMeAnything – where do you look and how do you travel?

If you have any questions or challenges that you think I can help, please ask “QUESTION” at the beginning of your comment.

Written by ProBlogger on Monday, May 11, 2020

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