A Step by Step Guide – Migrating Tumblr to WordPress

A Step by Step Guide – Migrating Tumblr to WordPress

If talking about Tumblr, then it is one famous and free available blogging platforms on the Internet.

It is a wonderful option for one who wants an easy and fast solution for a business website or private blog, but over the period of time, users of free blogging platforms normally come to recognize that they want more customization and advanced control options than what free platforms of blogging such as Tumblr is providing.

If you are planning to host a WordPress website then it is a wonderful solution, but a speedy search on the help section of Tumblr reveals that users cannot import their existing archives from any other platforms directly to Tumblr.

In spite of Tumblr’s unhelpful credentials, a very simple method for shifting your Tumblr content to your hosted WordPress website does certainly exist, and it begins with having your new website on WordPress platform completely set up. Carefully read available guide about wordpress installation from the web in case you have not done so in advance, then come again to this article to check out how you can migrate your Tumblr content to your new website which is on WordPress Platform!

Why You are shifting Your Contents from Tumblr to WordPress

If still you are on the hurdle about whether it is worth shifting to a new platform, it can be worth repeating yourself to some of the main advantages that you will get when you have finished the move.

The greatest difference between WordPress and Tumblr is that WordPress is software which is open-source, even as Tumblr is different. It indicates that you can do almost everything that you want with your website without any restriction that providing by the free of cost blogging platforms such as Tumblr.

Certainly, Tumblr does have a lot more great premium and free of cost themes for users that you can use also, but WordPress completely blows Tumblr out of the way in conditions of the customization and choice of theme. You even get complete access to more than 42,000 available plugins that bring different types of cool yet attractive features to your website without any type of manual coding.

The dashboard of Tumblr is user-friendly, but it does not give anything that dashboard of a WordPress website is providing. Even as, dashboard of Tumblr is mainly built to provide its purposes of social networking, WordPress is completely depends on functionality – allowing users to control almost everything from their media and posts, to their plugins and comments.

For a more comprehensive assessment of how both platforms be at variance, you can explore the piece of Tumblr vs WordPress and check how their feature are different with each other and what type of similarity they have.

Things That You Should Do Before You Start Migration Process

If you are migrating your contents from Tumblr to WordPress then they can all be complete with the assistance of the free Tumblr Importer plugin. It is the easiest and fastest solution available these days, but there are some important things that you will need to think when you are starting the process of migration to confirm it all goes without any difficulty.

In case you are utilizing IFTTT, JetPack or any other type of plugins that manage auto-posting and social media, it is a wonderful idea to stop them to keep away from any duplicate posts or any other probable interference. Actually, you may need to disable all of your available plugins just for the purpose of security.

In case you have pictures in your posts that available on Tumblr, you may need to dig deeper into accepting how your existing theme of WordPress manage images. As per to the author of plugin, pictures taken from Tumblr are directly imported to WordPress at their original sizes, but some kind of themes may take images from Tumblr as gallery pictures.

In case you are just actually not sure regarding how the migration process will go, you may need to think about checking your website with the available plugin first by making a new blog on Tumblr in your current account with only single post. With the help of this, you no need to delete all posts from WordPress in case the migration process does not work the way you want exactly.

To make a new blog on Tumblr, use options of your account from the top right side of your dashboard available on Tumblr and then click + New beside the option of Blogs and then fill in the entire fields to make it. After that, you can publish minimum one new post to this particular blog thus you have somewhat to import to your site as a preliminary test.

New Blog on Tumblr

We utilized some lorem ipsum text and a Creative Commons picture from Unsplash. You can remove this blog when you have completed your testing.

The Step-by-Step Process

Check these essential steps that you have to take when you migrate your Tumblr blog to your website, which is on WordPress Platform. It must just take some of your minutes to finish.

Start with the WordPress’s Tumblr Importer Plugin

In the dashboard of your WordPress website, hover your mouse over the Tools and then click on the option Import. After that click on the option Tumblr

WordPress Tumblr Import

You will be requested to download the particular and install the necessary Tumblr Importer plugin that is the major tool that you will want to control the entire process of migration. You have to Click on the Install Now command button to install the plugin, after that you need to click on Activate Plugin & Run Importer when the process of installation is finish.

Now the plugin is ready to use, it will want to use your Tumblr account to import all your available content. To perform this, you have to make an application on Tumblr to give a connection between your WordPress website and server of Tumblr.

Making an OAuth Application in Tumblr

If talking about Import Tumblr plugin then it informs you all the necessary instructions that you want to make your application, but here we will show you all the comprehensive yet necessary steps with helpful screenshots to confirm you exactly know how it is done.

At start, you need to open a new tab in your web browser or you can open a new window and then you need to visit tumblr.com/oauth/apps. At this place, you have to click on the big size green button with name of + Register application.

After this, you have to register your app, you will need to fill all the available fields at start. These necessary fields contain: the name of Application, the Description of Application, the Application Website, and the Default URL Callback.

The name of Application and the Description of Application can be any that you like the most. For the Default Callback URL and Application Website, URL of your WordPress website must be utilized, but you have to be sure to confirm what necessary step explains on your individual version of the Import Tumblr plugin to be confirming you complete those two important fields accurately as given.

The Application Website and Application Name fields can be available at the top side of the form while the Default Callback URL and Application Description fields are down side the given page after the field of Google Play Store URL. You can set blank the whole thing else mentioned in the form.

You can go down to the page’s bottom to check that you are not a robot and after that you can click on Register option.

Importing and Authorizing Your Blog on Tumblr

When you have registered your Tumblr application, you will be given your key of OAuth Consumer that will be showed as a long mixture of numbers and letters. You have to Copy that particular key and you need to come back to your web site to paste that particular key into the field of OAuth Consumer Key.

After this you only need the Secret Key. You should come again to Tumblr website and click on the link “Show secret key” underneath the OAuth Consumer Key, you can copy that key and directly paste it in the field of Secret Key in your WordPress website.

After that you can click Connect to Tumblr account. The available plugin will inform you in case something is not going perfect. In case you have set the whole thing correctly, you have to be capable to check link of Authorize the Application. You should Click on that particular link.

After this, Tumblr will request you in case it is okay to let the app to use your important information. You have to Click Allow.

Then, you must see a complete list of your blogs that you submit in Tumblr and now available in WordPress. In case you made a trial blog like we performed here in this tutorial, you must see it there.

You can utilize the dropdown list under the option “Author” to choose which specific author you like to allocate your imported posts to in the platform of WordPress. You have to Click Import this Blog and you have to wait for the entire process to finish.

With the help of this step, all of your posts will be directly published on your website, thus you can proceed and confirm blog page of your website to check how it appears.

Important Things That You Might Want to Modify in WordPress

Our website on WordPress platform for this tutorial utilizes Divi theme of Elegant Themes, and even as it seems that the text part from our one post on our test blog was seamlessly imported, the picture was posted as an image of gallery rather than an original-sized image within a feature image or the post image.

The trial post we done on Tumblr was a set photo post that is possibly why the theme posted it as the option of gallery. Then, you can see the significance of doing a trial run earlier than you make a decision to import all of posts.

You can check, the particular plugin is not good, and there is a chance that all of your content on Tumblr is not going to look like available on WordPress – mainly if you utilized too much of media post. You have some picture editing to perform in case you make a decision to proceed with it. You no need to manually upload images to WordPress website as the plugin takes proper care of this process.

The entire blog posts will be easily imported into your default category of WordPress and any particular tags that available in Tumblr will be changed over to your website, but if talking about the titles then they will be left empty in your website. You will need to go and change all of those empty titles manually that might be somewhat time consuming task in case you imported a good number of blog posts.


In case you are not up to copying and pasting physically each and every individual Tumblr’s blog post into your new site which is in WordPress platform, the use of Tumblr Importer plugin is a wonderful choice. In spite of spending your precious time in changing titles, images and possibly some components of the post, it will be good to use the functions of Plugin and make your blog perfect.

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