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  • Xiaomi has announced the formation of the MIUI Pioneer team.
  • The team aims to collect feedback and resolve software problems raised by consumers.
  • According to Xiaomi, the initiative will also benefit global users.

Xiaomi’s MIUI skin has come a long way since its launch in 2010 and was the company’s first product before it even produced hardware. Since then, the Android skin has grown to offer a ton of features, but one recent issue we have found is that it can be extremely inconsistent in terms of gloss / bugs across all devices.

It looks like Xiaomi could address this when it announced the launch of the MIUI Pioneer team in China earlier this week. This initiative aims to collect user feedback on the Android skin and resolve software issues that consumers are experiencing.

“We hope that by strengthening online communication with our users, we can gain deeper insight and understanding of these issues in order to better serve our users,” said a Xiaomi representative Android authority. The company also noted that several senior team members are part of the MIUI Pioneer team covering aspects like quality assurance, hardware optimization and more.

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MIUI is generally divided into two different versions, one aimed at China and another aimed at global users. Fortunately, Xiaomi has informed us that the work of the MIUI Pioneer team is not limited to the Chinese version.

“The work of this team will be beneficial for global versions of MIUI and will also take into account the MIUI experience of global users. We look forward to any form of feedback and will bring you up to date as soon as we have more details, ”said an email reply from Xiaomi to Android authority.

However, it wouldn’t be the first time a smartphone manufacturer has launched a software-oriented initiative. LG launched its Software Upgrade Center program back in April 2018, but we thought the company left a lot to be desired in our latest update ranking. Hopefully Xiaomi’s new initiative is a more successful endeavor.

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