7 Easy tactics to get natural backlinks

Have you ever wondered why, being of valuable and SEO-optimized content, your website never appears on the first page of SERPs? – The answer is simple: your webmaster forgot to use off-site SEO tactics, or you just didn’t pay for it. One of the key elements of those tactics are backlinks to your website from other authoritative ones. But to be indeed useful for your website, those backlinks should meet one particularly important Google’s requirement – they must be natural ones. And this means that, first of all, backlinks must link to valuable content and within an organic context.

So, this means that to have a natural backlink, everyone must create good content first? – In the big scheme of things, yes it does, but there exist tactics that allow considering your backlink as a natural one by Google without having to create new valuable content for it! In this article, you will find out eight safe and easy ways to generate natural links to your website. So, keep reading, and your site will be provided with quality backlinks in a short time!

get natural backlinks
get natural backlinks

1.  Appear on resource boards

Speaking about valuable content that natural links must link to, it is not always about, say, blog articles – helpful lists of business contacts can be of not any less value. So, if you, for example, are too short of time to craft valuable pieces of content, allowing you to find your business on resource boards is one of your best options! Here are the steps you should go through to realize this plan:

  • Find relevant resource boards
  • Contact owners of the boards you liked and negotiate on placing your company information with them.

To find relevant search boards faster, you can look for resource boards where your competitors are placed. This can also serve as justification for positioning your company on the same board when contacting its owner.

For more technical details of this operation, you can refer to this article from Ahrefs’ blog.

2.  Your business is mentioned but not linked to

Unfortunately, such an injustice is of frequent occurrence nowadays. Still, it is relatively easy to fix and get the desired backlink as a result. First, you need to find out webpages where your company is mentioned without any link to your website. To do this, you can refer to special instruments available on almost any website on SEO. The next step is to reach out to the person responsible for the site and ask to add the link. If the person responsible for that refuses, you can point out that links add value to web platforms; normally,  in most cases, site owners consent easily. So, don’t be shy and use this excellent opportunity to get backlinks to your website!

3.  Help to fix broken links

Broken links are links that point to 404 or “dead” webpages, and you can use them to get your backlinks. First, you need to find such links, and secondly – you need to be prepared to provide similar content to the previously placed on the 404 pages. Your piece of content should be identical or better than that one. Next, you need to get in touch with the site owner or webmaster and negotiate about replacing the “address” field contents of the link for your website’s page.

 Another way to get natural backlinks easily is to refer to the Adsy service! Just click here https://adsy.com/getting-natural-backlinks and forget about taking care of natural backlinks on your own!

4.  Get included in a listicle

Listicles are articles with headings “Top 10…” “The best…”, etc., and can relate to any industry. Such articles are easy to scan through and can be popular among your target audience. It is well worthy of getting to one of such listicles. Moreover, it is a superb opportunity to acquire a backlink! If you decide to take this way, you will need to first find listicles in your industry that might already contain some of your competitors. Then, you will need to reach out to a blogger or journalist and ask them for inclusion into their listicle. You will also need to justify why you are the better option to do so than your competitors.

5.  They link to your competitors? – Then they just must link to your site too!

This is another simple way to get a backlink to your site. To cut the story short, it is about filling a gap with your backlink on a site where more than one of your competitors were linked to. To “redress an injustice,” you will need to find sites with such gaps first, then contact journalists/webmasters/site owners with an offer to add a link to your site.

6.  Help journalists

At the same time, a great and easy way to get backlinks in the press is by helping journalists get quotes for their articles.  And absolutely no personal interviews or meetings are needed here – all you need to do is register at the HARO website! After that, you will be emailed queries from journalists three times a day from Monday to Friday. You can answer any of such e-mails, but you’d better make sure that the query corresponds to your business area and that you have enough expertise first.

7.  Google allows internal links!

You can place links on your site’s page to other pages of your site, and this will count as if you acquired some backlinks on other sites. This is a way to increase your rankings.To go this way, you should:

  1. Define a page on your site that you would like to promote;
  2. Find several strong and relevant to the topic pages on your site;
  3. Place the link to the target page on those pages.

Of course, in the big scheme of things, the rightest and most “legal” way to get backlinks is to create meaningful content worthy of being linked to and have its numerous readers. However, it is not always possible to generate quality content within a time given or due to other reasons. But the need for natural backlinks to the site stays in its place, and you have to do something. In such a situation, you can make use of the tactics described in this short review. They are all legal, easy to use, and can provide you with backlinks that are not any less natural than those coming from great content that could be placed on your site!