Brandwatch is a great way to manage your brand’s reputation on social media—including posting content and listening to what customers have to say about your products or services.


It’s not the only tool on the market that provides these features, though, and some Brandwatch competitors might be well-suited to your needs.

In this post we’ll review seven of the best Brandwatch alternatives available right now:

1. Brand24

Brand24 is a brand monitoring and online reputation tool that’s especially useful for companies working with global influencers.


This is because of the company’s AI-powered social listening feature that detects keyword mentions in 108 languages.

No matter where your social media team is based or what language they speak, they’ll be able to use Brand24 to conduct ongoing sentiment analysis across international markets.

The platform also assigns “influencer scores” to people and websites, so you can get an idea of how widely popular the source of a brand or keyword mention may be.

Other Brand24 functionality includes:

  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Automated performance reporting
  • Hashtag tracking

In total, you can glean Brand24’s actionable insights from over 25 million sources.

How Much Does Brand24 Cost?

Access to the Brand24 platform starts at $99 per month ($79 per month if billed annually) for one user to track three keywords.

To take advantage of all of Brand24’s AI tools, track up to 12 brand keywords, and work with an unlimited number of collaborators, you’ll need their Pro plan—which costs $249 per month ($199 per month if billed annually).

Brand24 vs. Brandwatch: At a Glance

Starting price$79 per month, billed annuallyCustom quotes
Key featuresInfluencer scores, hashtag tracking, multilingual keyword monitoringSocial media planning tools, competitor research tools
Good forInternational social media marketing campaigns, influencer marketingKeyword research across social platforms, finding user-generated content (UGC)

2. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a social listening and consumer intelligence platform that offers many of the same features as Brandwatch.


You can use the platform to:

  • Conduct social listening to identify brand and keyword mentions across various platforms
  • Track your competitors’ performance and mentions on social media
  • Establish benchmarks for how your accounts perform versus competitors’
  • Monitor media mentions about your brand
  • Conduct research to discover new audiences for your products or services

One area that Talkwalker really differs from Brandwatch is in how it handles customer feedback. While you can use Brandwatch to look for your brand name in reviews on third-party sites, Talkwalker lets you integrate and review customer feedback collected via:

  • Online reviews
  • Direct surveys
  • Support tickets

This can help you use valuable insights from customers to improve your social media marketing strategy.

And like Brand24, Talkwalker allows you to discover social media trends in multiple languages—187 of them. This makes it another great choice for brands with a global presence.

How Much Does Talkwalker Cost?

Talkwalker offers four plans, each supporting an unlimited number of user seats. The company doesn’t publish its pricing publicly, though, so you’ll have to reach out to the Talkwalker team for a demo, price quote, and product training session.

Talkwalker vs. Brandwatch: At a Glance

Starting priceCustom quotesCustom quotes
Key featuresCompetitor benchmarking, media monitoring, market intelligence toolsSocial media planning tools, competitor research tools
Good forIntegrating customer service feedback into marketing campaignsKeyword research across social platforms, finding UGC

3. Meltwater

Meltwater is a suite of social intelligence, brand management, and media analytics tools.


You can use it to:

  • Conduct social media listening for brand keywords
  • Monitor news outlets for content about your brand
  • Analyze images posted online by your fans and followers
  • Spot new and growing trends in your industry
  • Find, connect with, and monitor the performance of influencers
  • Schedule posts across social media accounts

While many of Meltwater’s core features are, like Brandwatch, particularly useful for B2C brands trying to reach consumers on social media, they also offer a B2B product.

Your sales team can use Meltwater to research prospective business clients, monitor companies, get alerts about important news items, and look up the contact information of over 150 million business professionals.

It’s not as full featured as some other competitor analysis and B2B tools on the market, but if you’re already using Meltwater for social media it may make sense to use its sales product, too.

How Much Does Meltwater Cost?

All Meltwater plans are customized to your needs and priced accordingly—you’ll have to get in touch with the company to learn more about what a plan might look like for you.

Meltwater vs. Brandwatch: At a Glance

Starting priceCustom quotesCustom quotes
Key featuresSocial media management, image analysis, trend spottingSocial media planning tools, competitor research tools
Good forInfluencer monitoring, B2B brandsKeyword research across social platforms, finding UGC

4. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is a social listening tool that lets you track changes in consumer and business trends.


It’s ideal for anyone interested in discovering what their target audience is broadly interested in, versus tracking your own brand name—though you can use our database to look up specific companies and products.

Exploding Topics users can use the platform to:

  • Discover new trends in their industry
  • See which trends are increasing or declining in popularity
  • Track the popularity of a key competitor or product
  • See how trends relate to each other

It’s also a great option for e-commerce companies, as you can use Exploding Topics to not only track a product’s popularity but see how much revenue it typically brings in, too.


We gather our data using a blend of AI and human expertise. This allows us to monitor online conversations across social media, news outlets, forums, websites, and more.

The resulting information goes into our database daily, so you’re always working with the most up-to-date information.

There are a few different ways to use Exploding Topics. You can:

  • Search the entire database for terms and trends that you’d like to learn more about
  • Browse the database by industry
  • Read reports prepared by our team of expert data analysts
  • Use our API to access trend data quickly outside of our web interface

How Much Does Exploding Topics Cost?

Anyone can begin exploring the Exploding Topics database right now for free. If you’d like to unlock more features, such as access to every trend graph, premium trend reports, and our API, you’ll want to select an Exploding Topics Pro plan.

Options start at just $39 per month (billed annually), and all plans include the option of a seven-day trial for $1.

Exploding Topics vs. Brandwatch: At a Glance

Exploding TopicsBrandwatch
Starting priceFreeCustom quotes
Key featuresTrend reports, meta trends analysis, product revenue insightsSocial media planning tools, competitor research tools
Good forIndustry research, trend monitoring, e-commerce product benchmarkingKeyword research across social platforms, finding UGC

5. Keyhole

Keyhole is a comprehensive social media intelligence and marketing tool that lets you monitor brand mentions, campaign performance, and popular influencers.


With a Keyhole account, you can:

  • Find new influencers
  • Evaluate how two or more influencers compare to each other
  • Conduct social media monitoring on competitor accounts
  • Find new competitors in your market
  • Track profile growth and engagement metrics across platforms
  • Find and follow market trends

How Much Does Keyhole cost?

Keyhole plans start at $99 per month ($79 per month if billed annually) for one user seat, unlimited post scheduling, and the ability to monitor up to 10 keywords and 5,000 brand mentions per month.

You’ll be able to monitor X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram using this plan.

Keyhole vs. Brandwatch: At a Glance

Starting price$79 per month, billed annuallyCustom quotes
Key featuresInfluencer discovery, competitor monitoring, trend trackingSocial media planning tools, competitor research tools
Good forScheduling and tracking social media contentKeyword research across social platforms, finding UGC

6. Statusbrew

Statusbrew is a tool designed to help companies remain engaged with their followers.


If you’re more focused on building a new social media brand—versus monitoring how others perceive it online—then Statusbrew might be a good Brandwatch alternative for you to try.

Like Brandwatch, Statusbrew offers reports about your social media analytics. You’ll be able to post content to multiple channels and then monitor performance on each one.

Other Statusbrew features include:

  • Link tracking
  • Collaboration tools
  • A digital asset management platform
  • A unified social media inbox

While Statusbrew doesn’t offer the same level of social listening capability that Brandwatch or Brand24 does, you can monitor the comments on your branded social media pages.

Statusbrew will scan your unified inbox for specific keywords—and you can build automation workflows to take action based on these mentions.

How Much Does Statusbrew Cost?

Statusbrew plans start at $69 per month, billed annually, for two user seats and support for up to five social media profiles.

Statusbrew vs. Brandwatch: At a Glance

Starting price$69 per month, billed annuallyCustom quotes
Key featuresUnified social media messaging inbox, collaboration toolsSocial media planning tools, competitor research tools
Good forBuilding and monitoring new brands on social mediaKeyword research across social platforms, finding UGC

7. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is an all-in-one consumer insights and social media monitoring tool.


It takes Talkwalker’s approach to using customer feedback one step further, allowing its users to:

  • Monitor social networks for brand mentions and customer reviews
  • Create benchmarks around competitor performance
  • See where in the world your brand is most popular online
  • Scan media outlets for brand mentions
  • Run social media advertising campaigns
  • Plan and publish digital marketing assets across 30+ channels
  • Enhance customer experience with phone call and chat response tools

Interestingly, Sprinklr also has an employee advocacy portal that allows its users to leverage their internal teams to generate or share social media content.

You can use Sprinklr’s advocacy dashboard to:

  • Allow team members to submit social media posts, pending approval and publication from your marketing team
  • Push out content that employees are asked to share on their own social media channels
  • Award the team members who share and engage with the most content

How Much Does Sprinklr Cost?

Sprinklr plans are segmented by use case:

  • Social media plans start at $299 per user, per month (billed annually)
  • Customer service plans start at $249 per user, per month (billed annually)

Larger marketing teams interested in using all of Sprinklr’s features will need to get in touch with the company for a custom quote.

Sprinklr vs. Brandwatch: At a Glance

Starting price$249 per month, billed annuallyCustom quotes
Key featuresSocial media post submission and approval tools, customer support toolsSocial media planning tools, competitor research tools
Good forLarge marketing and customer service teams, encouraging social sharingKeyword research across social platforms, finding UGC


For brand sentiment tracking and digital marketing enhancement, Brand24, Meltwater, and Talkwalker are solid alternatives to Brandwatch.

If you need or want to enhance customer experiences, explore all-in-one tools like Sprinklr or those that offer a unified social media inbox, such as Keyhole.

And if you need deep industry insights, a trend spotting tool like Exploding Topics Pro is typically the best option.

Taking advantage of free or low-cost trials, talking to sales teams, and taking the time to get hands-on with each of the options on this list can help you find just the right fit to improve your brand monitoring and social media strategies.

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