5 discounted Switch games to buy now on Nintendo’s eShop

5 discounted Switch games to buy now on Nintendo’s eShop

Key switch discounts for switch games are less common than on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So enjoy them as long as you can. Nintendo heralds some deals in August, especially Quakecon sales, where games like Wolfenstein II and Doom are 50% cheaper.

In Nintendo’s eShop you can find hundreds of (mostly indie) games at a discount. Below are our five tips.


Pokken Tournament DX is one of many great games that originally ran on Wii U and was eventually ported to the switch. Developed by Namco Bandai, it is essentially a combination of Pokemon and Tekken (meaning: Pokken). The game was rated 9/10 at GameSpot in 2015 and currently costs $ 18.


If you’re the type who likes long RPG games, you’ve probably played Skyrim. Multiple times. With the Switch Edition, released in 2017, Skyrim can also be played on the go. You will receive a 50% discount until August 10th. You know what that means: Another 600 hours in Tamriel.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus with the lovable Nazi killer BJ Blazkowicz takes place in an alternative future in which Germany and Japan won World War II. It may be a dystopia, but Wolfenstein II is a colorful and charming shooter – and it’s a 50% discount until August 10th.

Midway games

If you are not interested in Pokken and are looking for a cruel fight, Mortal Kombat 11 is currently heavily reduced. The game was released for the Switch in March last year and is reduced by 60% until August 17th.


The Doom restart is similar to Wolfenstein, except that you kill Nazis instead of killing demons. Many demons. Doom sold for $ 30 until August 10 and was a surprise hit in 2016. The sequel Doom Eternal was created last year.

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