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3Drens’ IoT mobility management platform not only allows fleet operators to monitor where their vehicles are, it also produces data that helps them make business decisions. The company began operations in Taiwan, where it is based, before expanding into Southeast Asia. Currently present at CES’s Taiwan Tech Arena, 3Drens is focused on the growing demand for logistics during COVID-19. For example, its technology can potentially be used to allow small ecommerce retailers to rent spare capacity on delivery vehicles from larger platforms.

The company’s customers also come from the vehicle rental, freight and freight transport sectors. Founded in 2017, one of 3rens’ first customers was an electric scooter company that primarily serves tourists. It installed the 3Drens IoT box on the scooters to send alerts if the scooters were potentially involved in accidents or if a user exceeded the time they paid for. It also generated a heat map of the places scooters traveled most often, so the company was able to partner with popular sights and attractions.

The 3Drens platform can also help logistics services choose the right type of vehicle for a delivery, predict the best routes and assign new tasks to drivers returning after an order has been fulfilled.

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