3 essential tips to overcome one of GTA Online most difficult missions

Videogames usually feature difficult moments that challenge the players’ skills and test everything they have mastered during gameplay. Whether it’s a quest, a level, a boss or a particular challenge, these moments can be very frustrating for players and cause the “Game Over” screens to appear a lot of times.

As expected, the ultra-popular Grand Theft Auto V (usually abbreviated as GTA V) also has such complicated moments, which require many attempts from the player to overcome them. Despite the fact that GTA V was released 7 years ago, it still maintains its success thanks to its Online mode, which makes GTA V an outstanding MMO with a huge amount of content and missions, which are constantly updated.

essential tips to overcome one of GTA Online
essential tips to overcome one of GTA Online

That said, GTA Online stands out for having several missions that since its release until today, are still extremely complicated for any player trying to complete them. Among those missions, there is one that stands out for being one of the most extensive and complicated. This mission is The Los Santos Connection, which will be detailed below, and also mention the most recommended methods to overcome it more easily.

The Los Santos Connection

This complicated mission is located in Davis and is entrusted by Martin Madrazo after having reached level 40. The first part of this mission consists of attacking in the middle of a drug exchange and killing everyone present and then stealing some of the merchandise and getting the GPS information from a Granger that is in the same place. After this, the player must go to El Burro Heights to attack again the place where the smugglers are until they are all eliminated, but this time the enemy group will have reinforcements that will make this part more difficult. After the shooting, a laptop must be hacked into the location to reveal the next destination, Los Santos International Airport.

Granger vehicles

On the way to the airport, the player will be attacked by other smugglers riding in Granger vehicles until they reach the target. While at the airport, all local smugglers will be attacked, this time with small planes, Boxville vehicles carrying drugs, plenty of reinforcements, and even Buzzards helicopters. After this great battle, the player will be able to get the rest of the drugs and destroy all the vehicles that are in that place, while the reinforcements of the smugglers reappear in Grangers and in a helicopter. After finally finishing with all the smugglers, the supplier (the main enemy of this mission) will get on a Shamal Jet to try to escape from the airport, so the player will have to intercept and kill it. The mission ends when you return to Martin’s house and hand over all the drugs obtained.

The mission is extremely extensive

As you can see, this mission is extremely extensive (in fact, it is one of the most extensive in GTA Online) and the action will be unstoppable during all its parts, so players will have to be quite skilled and attentive, since any mistake will make them repeat the whole mission from the beginning. Because of that, it is quite tedious to repeat this mission several times until it is mastered, so the best option is to follow the following tips:

First of all, it is recommended to play this part with the cooperation of friends (it is best to do it with a maximum of 6 players), since that way you will be able to better define an action strategy and there will also be more chances to fail.

GTA Money

The second recommendation is to get the best weaponry and the most necessary vehicles for this battle, although that will require a lot of GTA money, which will take a long time to be obtained. However, there is a method to get a lot of money quickly and save a lot of effort, which consists precisely in buy GTA 5 Money through reliable external Marketplaces, being Eldorado.gg the most recommended one, since it has excellent prices and guarantees security in the transactions of its users. Besides, in Eldorado.gg it is also possible to buy GTA 5 accounts with a lot of contents included at very accessible prices.

Los Santos Connection

As explained above, this mission is too extensive, so trying it several times will be very annoying, so the third recommendation is to look at a guide on YouTube that shows how to complete The Los Santos Connection, because by looking closely at the guide it will be possible to know exactly what will happen during the mission, such as where the enemies will attack from,the location of the targets, how to avoid some attacks, the best routes to take and from where exactly the reinforcements will appear. With all this information it will be possible to determine a functional strategy for each part of this mission much better, and all this without having tried it yet.

Having explained that, it is expected that these tips will help any GTA Online player to complete the mission of The Los Santos Connection, although it should be clarified that these tips can work in any difficult mission of this videogame.