2021 Ford Bronco reservations will open the same day as reveal

2021 Ford Bronco reservations will open the same day as reveal

This 2018 teaser image shows the box-shaped silhouette of the Bronco.


We will not only see that 2021 Ford Bronco in less than two weeks, but those who are willing to put one in their driveway can reserve one on the same day.

Ford dropped the information on Monday teased how the bronco would sound via Instagram. It has been confirmed that the date of publication on July 13 is also the day the reservation books are open. To make a reservation, Ford Roadshow announced that only $ 100 is required.

The process should work similarly to that Mustang Mach-E. It originally cost $ 500 to make a reservation and order books officially opened Last Monday, those with a reservation were actually able to convert their reservation into an order. It is not verified, but is said to be official Orders for the 2021 Bronco will begin in December before delivery begins in April 2021.

The Bronco’s little brother, known as the Bronco SportWe don’t know exactly when we’ll see it. An earlier rumor indicated an appointment on July 1 to open Bronco sports orders, but well, that’s tomorrow – with no signs of the Baby Bronco yet.

The fact that fans can make a reservation for the Bronco on the same day that the unveiling should be a relief for them. It’s been a long three years since Ford announced that the off-road vehicle will return. When leaks, teasers and other information add up, it should be worth the wait.

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