12 Reasons Why Should You Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

12 Reasons Why Should You Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

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Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are free and can be obtained from various sources. It can be used in a WordPress site. But have you ever thought about the main consequences of your website caused by using zero WordPress themes and plugins?

The price you have to pay for using invalid WordPress plugins and themes can be high. These topics and plugins can put your website in real danger.

In this article, I will explain why you should avoid using invalid WordPress themes and plugins on your website.

What are zeroth WordPress themes and plugins?

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are simply stolen digital goods from which copyrighted material, license keys, etc. are removed and passed on unethically on the Internet. You can also point them to pirated copies of premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Since WordPress is licensed under the GPL, all WordPress products such as themes and plugins are also licensed under the GPL. Therefore, the people who produce zero WordPress themes and plugins argue and claim that it is perfectly fine to make copies and redistribute them.

In some cases it is true. Still, it’s an unethical and illegal practice. Because of this, many developers and owners who invest their time, money and effort to create themes and plugins lose money.

The use of zero WordPress themes and plugins is the main reason why the security of your website is violated and hacked. Nulled WordPress themes and plugins always compromise the security and integrity of your website.

Below I have listed the top reasons why you need to avoid using zero WordPress designs and plugins on your website.

Who publishes zero WordPress plugins and themes and why?

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are published by a person or group of people who have knowledge of hacking. They either buy the premium themes and plugins as a legal source to get the code of the product, or they rely on other illegal sources to get the codes. After receiving the code, change the code by removing the author’s copyright and inserting your code. I mean error codes.

Typically, the zero WordPress plugins and themes are published with the intent of creating a back door on your website using the inserted error codes. This means that you pass on all information to them and lose access to your own website (blocked). It becomes clearer when you read the reasons.

Legal issues

Law Screen_Shot.jpg

As mentioned earlier, the invalid WordPress designs and plugins do not contain any copyrighted materials from the original owner or author. You use them without a license and without legal rights.

Although most WordPress themes and plugins are licensed under the GPL, there are many themes and plugins that are licensed and copyrighted under multiple licenses. The use of such invalid WordPress themes and plugins on your website corresponds to the use without permission and in violation of copyright. This can lead to the copyright owner suing you.

Using invalid WordPress themes and plugins makes your website vulnerable to security breaches that lead to illegal activity on your website. This leads you to legal proceedings and pays huge amounts as a fine.

Malware problems

Malware Screen_Shot.png

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are mostly malware-infected and have many more threats. Malware can be viruses, spyware, worms, etc. that are used to destroy your website or perform other undesirable activities on your website. He doesn’t care about your consent. In addition, your server is also infected by this malware.

There are many websites where you can check whether the downloaded themes and plugins are malware-free or not. Still, I’m not sure that these scan sites are 100% real.

Thinking of checking the code yourself and making it malware-free is difficult for you. Finding out the malware problem is hard work even for trained professional developers and designers. If you do not have access to premium themes and plugins, you cannot compare the codes to find out the authenticity of the codes for zero themes and plugins.

Research has shown that only in 2017, 4,000 websites were infected with malware by installing a fake SEO plugin.

Security and protection

Do you think it’s safe and secure to use zero WordPress themes and plugins on your website?

Securit Screen_Shot.jpg

No, it is not safe to use zero WordPress plugins and themes. Why?

We know that zero WordPress themes and plugins are modified materials from which the copyright has been removed. Nulled WordPress plugins and themes are also infected with malware. That means your website is vulnerable and has a high chance of being hacked. Although WordPress is protected by BruteProtect and WordFence, it has a high level of security.

Mostly Nulled WordPress plugins and themes malware viruses that damage your websites. These types of zeroth topics and plugins contain bugs or spyware that go undetected. These planted bugs work within your websites and make them vulnerable. It also creates a back door through which hackers can access your website. You have full control over your website and can also change your password to steal valuable information

WordPress vulnerabilities

The figure above shows the data from 2017, in which the WordPress plugin has 54% vulnerabilities due to a malware infection and the WordPress core has 31.5% and WordPress themes 14.5% vulnerabilities. This represents the hacking rate with fake plugins and themes and not updated WordPress core. Security also relates to updates, which are explained below in a part of the update.

Privacy issues and information

Data protection Screen_Shot.jpg

Do you think your valuable information is safe?

No, your information is not secure if you use zero WordPress plugins and themes. The hackers gain access to your website and collect your information for extortion or hacking your other personal social accounts. Your space for privacy no longer exists.

If you have a niche blogging website, hackers can benefit if you give your user access to the name, contact information, and password.

If you have business websites or e-commerce websites, news and magazine page hackers can change your content, know your business plans, and collect data about your website. This means that your websites are not protected from hackers.

Negative SEO

Search engine optimization helps to place your website in the Google search ranking. It is important to have positive SEO annotations that make your websites appear on the users’ screen when they search using keywords.

How will zero WordPress themes and plugins make SEO negative for your website?

We all know the SEO juice stuff and how we can pass it on from one link to another. On our website we ensure that SEO juice is mainly passed on to our internal links and mostly not to external links. In this way we organize our links and SEO comments.

If you use zero WordPress plugins and themes, you do not have full control over links on your websites and cannot organize every link on your websites. You won’t even recognize or recognize unrelated links and unwanted links on your websites. These links are referred to as spam links, which are published from content links on your website and ultimately contain negative SEO comments. You also have a problem with broken links.

You can remove spam links the moment you see them, but they are randomly generated automatically on your website. Regardless of how many spam links you have deleted, you cannot completely remove them if you use zero WordPress themes and plugins.

No access to updates

Updated Screen_Shot.jpg

Note that zeroth WordPress plugins and themes cannot be updated automatically because you do not have access to updates. No developer offers updates to the pirated version of their theme. This means that you either have to wait for the latest pirated version of the themes and plugins, or need manual input code to update the theme. You cannot update them on your dashboard. Even if you find the latest pirated version, there is a high risk that you will get malware every time.

There are many things you should know about updates. Core WordPress offers its own updates and thus WordPress themes and plugins. First of all, users with zero WordPress plugins and themes have no access to the updates.

Second, new updates come with new features, improvements over old features, fix problems and bugs or errors, etc. If you don’t use nulled WordPress and plugins, you will get all new features in time for both WordPress and WordPress plugins and themes

Third, in every WordPress update, you also have to maintain your websites and increase security. While you are using zero WordPress themes and plugins, just wait for updates of themes and plugins as new updates from WordPress can lead to errors on your websites. You won’t be able to update your dashboard until you’ve found the latest pirated version. In addition, you don’t have to maintain your website and become an easy target for hackers.

A study shows that more than 60% of hacked websites use an outdated version of WordPress. For this reason, I do not recommend that you use zero WordPress themes and plugins. You can use your time to search for that best free WordPress themes to you.

No access to support and documentation

Support and documentation Screen_Shot.jpg

WordPress developers and designers do not support illegal activities and support piracy of their themes and plugins. If you use zero WordPress themes and plugins, you are alone and on your own. In the free version of WordPress themes and plugins, you can get support from the theme developer, but in the case of zero you cannot ask for support. No developer will work with you if you have a null theme and plugin user.

The documentation refers to the instructions and instructions for installing topics and plugins. Developers do not create documentation for zero WordPress plugins and themes. They mainly document premium themes and plugins. Only real buyers can access the documentation of the premium topic and the plugins. But not all users.

If you use zero WordPress plugins and themes, you are not entitled to support and have no access to the original documentation.

Customizing zero WordPress themes and plugins is particularly problematic if you don’t have support and documentation.

It works, but nothing like real thing

You may think that zero WordPress themes and plugins work like real premium themes and plugins. At first you just feel like it works like one, but you will find that after a while it works differently.

All codes can be the same, but zero WordPress plugins and themes are changed and mostly infected with malware. You can create a website like a premium website, but you don’t have full control. You create websites in a destructible way. Not all malware infections take effect immediately. Some take their time and work as a slow poison.

This means that buying a premium version of themes and plugins and creating or running a website is effective and efficient. Your website will be beneficial to you because you are investing in it too. However, if you run websites with zero WordPress themes and plugins, you are liable. You need to fix the effects of zero issues and plugins by either hiring a developer or spending your time.

Keep in mind that null WordPress themes and plugins no longer hold, as many errors and mistakes occur on the surface and are also not suitable for the short term.

For this reason, zeroth WordPress themes and plugins lead to destruction and the use is like starting the destruction on your own website.

Encourage the right person

Right person Screen_Shot.jpg

We all know that WordPress has two types of themes and plugins for free and Premium (Pro). Free themes & plugins cost $ 0, but the reward costs $ $ and has different price ranges. Premium themes and plugins are used to support developers and to use them to create free themes and plugins. Nobody can contribute if they cannot feed themselves. Developers also have to survive and want to support their families.

Do you know which scenario is created by zeroing WordPress themes and plugins?

Developers invest a lot more time and effort in creating themes and plugins. It is a mentally demanding thing. After completing the creation of free themes and plugins. You publish them on WordPress.org. During the release of the free theme, developers must also complete the pro version. There is no work there yet. You must continue to work on new updates, both in the free version and in the premium version. Not a one-time update, but has to provide numerous updates with timings. The important topic is customer care. The developers offer customer support for free and premium versions.

Here come zero WordPress themes and plugins with little more modification and manipulation of codes. Break the cycle of developing topics and plugins. Hackers get the premium version codes of themes and plugins by removing the copyright and license and adding a little malware. They are easy to publish on the Internet. They steal credit and almost entire codes from developers. Every new update of the premium version by the developer followed with the release of new malware pirated by hackers.

Is it okay to steal from someone again and again? What if it’s like someone is stealing from you? You can’t stand it properly.

That’s right, developers can’t stand such activities. Downloading pirated copies not only destroys your website, but also encourages hackers to post more zero WordPress plugins and themes.

If you want to encourage developers to create the themes and plugins, you can encourage them by using only the free version and not using zero WordPress plugins and themes. You have a choice and prefer to buy premium themes and plugins or not.

Therefore, encourage developers to develop additional topics and plugins. Nulled WordPress themes are just a duplicate of the premium version. If there is no WordPress developer, there are no themes and plugins.

In terms of cost

Cost Screen_Shot.jpg

Do you still believe that zero WordPress themes are free or cost $ 0?

No, zero WordPress is not free. You just don’t know what the cost is for you. First of all, it takes time and effort. Customizing null themes and plugins without proper documentation and support takes more time and effort.

The cost is your valuable information and everything you have created on the website. You can even lose them with your website.

To fix the problems, you need to hire professional developers who will cost you even more. The total cost is higher if the hired professional needs to thoroughly repair your website.

In addition, you lack new functions on your website and you have negative search engine optimization, which increases your loss of opportunities.

In WordPress, every best product comes at a fair price, but not at a high price. In view of the years of developments and updates of topics and plugins. The damaged costs for zero WordPress themes and plugins are more than for premium WordPress themes and plugins.

You don’t just risk yourself

Risk Screen_Shot.jpg

The zeroth WordPress themes and plugins are at high risk for malware infections. At first, you may have no problem and no malware infection, but no one guarantees that the same zeros and plugins are free of malware infections in every new update.

There is a high possibility that your information, mainly your virtual identity, can be sold to hackers and used for illegal activities. Your customers who are registered on your website can be the target of hacking and spam emails or messages. It’s like your website is the factory of illegal activity. That will ruin your image and reputation. It can also ruin your career, your business, etc.

That’s why you not only risk yourself, but also your customers and followers.

Do the right thing

Right Screen_Shot.jpg

If you can’t afford the premium theme and plugin, use the free version. Although free themes have limitations, there are many features with many features that are free versions. You just have to spend your time to find the right topic for you. This also applies to plugins. You can find several options for the same kind of themes and plugins.

There is competition everywhere, in WordPress there is also competition from which WordPress users like you benefit because you can have many functions in free version themes and plugins. There are several ways to select a topic or plugins. You can compete with prices, features, designs and much more for themes and plugins. If you want, only you can buy the theme and there is usually a 7 day money back guarantee.

Paid themes and plugins increase the performance of your websites, which also helps to increase your website income. Therefore, do not spend your money, but invest in your website.

The right thing is to only use WordPress themes and plugins created by WordPress developers. You should start by avoiding the zero WordPress themes and plugins, and encourage real developers to create more features and plugins with lots of features.


Say “No” to zero WordPress themes and plugins. I do not recommend using zero themes and plugins for testing purposes. The malware infection can increase the risk to your website and you don’t know what devastating effects it can have. Use of free WordPress themes & Plugins created by the WordPress developer are a better solution for you or it is up to you to have a premium version.

Never use zero WordPress plugins and themes. This is the best way to protect your website from hacking and malware infections.

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