10 Streaming Services Coming Out In 2020

10 Streaming Services Coming Out In 2020

Much is going on about various new digital streaming services coming out to the public, including Disney+ and Apple TV+. The growth of Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+, and other packages has made the industry particularly powerful. Television package setups like Sling and YouTube TV are also noteworthy.

Streaming Services Coming Out In 2020
Streaming Services Coming Out In 2020

But there are many other streaming services that will appear soon. These include many that will be released in 2020, as this report shows.

AT&T Plus

AT&T Plus is being tested in some markets now and will be national in the future. Plus AT&T is designed to be a television streaming package service similar to Sling. However, the system will include many packages for different channels.


NBC is launching Peacock in April as a service that will be available for free in an ad-supported form, although it costs extra to skip commercials. Peacock provides access to many current and past NBC shows. Battlestar Galactica is being rebooted for Peacock, and The Good Place’s Michael Schur will have a new show on Peacock.


Quibi is coming this April as a service for smartphones and tablets. The content entails short-form videos lasting ten minutes each. Various stars are attaching new projects on this experimental service. The most interesting program to watch for is Spielberg’s After Dark, a horror anthology series that is only accessible on devices between sunset and sunrise.


HBO Max will be released in May. The service will be free to those who get HBO through a cable subscription, but it costs extra for those who don’t subscribe to HBO. The system will provide access to HBO’s catalog and will be the official streaming home for Friends, the Big Bang Theory, and South Park.


The Discovery/BBC service will be coming in 2020. The system will focus on Discovery and BBC-related programs such as Planet Earth and various other natural and history shows.

Food Network Kitchen

Food Network is a popular cable channel that will have a streaming package in the future. They will provide additional food preparation programs and access to various videos highlighting recipes and other things people can prepare at home.


Black Entertainment Television is entering the streaming world, and Tyler Perry will be working on much of the programming for BET+. A new original film called Sacrifice will premiere on BET+ in 2020.

Roku TV updates

Roku TV has been expanding its reach as of late. The TV Roku continues to receive updates to its setup available on Roku devices. The goal is to have more free movies and shows for people to watch, not to mention a family-specific channel.


The National Basketball Association already has a television network, but the NBA TV streaming system will be different. The system provides access to the NBA TV channel for a few dollars each month. This is useful for those who don’t have NBA TV but don’t want to spend extra to get the NBA League Pass system.

Pluto TV expansion

The acquisition of the free online streaming service Pluto TV from Viacom has made it to where people can expect an extensive expansion of what Pluto has to offer. Pluto already has channels dedicated to various Viacom programs. The interesting thing about Pluto is that it is growing to feature specific channels dedicated to shows from the past like Baywatch and American Gladiators. There is a potential that a pay version of Pluto may be made available in the future.

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