10 of the Most Specific Niche Streaming Services

Most Specific Niche Streaming Services

Niche Streaming Services: You’ve heard about many distinct streaming services, from big-name ones like Netflix and Hulu to up-and-comers like Disney+. But did you know that some streaming services are more specific than others? These include ones that cater to specific tastes. These ten particular streaming services are among the most interesting around, thanks to how precise they are.

Niche Streaming Services
Niche Streaming Services

Eros Now (Bollywood)

India’s entertainment industry, or Bollywood as it is known, has never become more accessible than it is now thanks to Eros Now. The system provides people with access to various Bollywood films and shows.

Nosey (potentially questionable daytime TV)

Nosey is a strange niche service in that it focuses on various daytime television shows of the past and present. Specifically, it highlights programs that may be considered questionable to some. These include the Jerry Springer Show, Maury, Blind Date, and Cheaters. The service is not family-friendly, although it does showcase programs features families that will make you appreciate yours.

Shout! Factory (cult programming)

There’s a great demand for cult entertainment than you might expect, as the Shout! Factory streaming service shows. People can find various old television shows and movies, although some of the content leans towards the kitsch factor. The most noteworthy point of Shout’s system is that it is the streaming home for Mystery Science Theater 3000.

BroadwayHD (theater and musicals)

As great as it would be to see a show on the Great White Way, it can cost a lot for a Broadway ticket. BroadwayHD has highlighted itself as a venue that offers streams of hit musicals. Revivals of various classic musicals are highlighted here, although a showing of the recent hit She Loves Me appeared on BroadwayHD recently.

Brown Sugar (black films of the 1960s and 1970s)

It’s not every day you find a streaming service that focuses on Blaxploitation films, but that’s what Brown Sugar has. Have you been looking for Blacula, Cleopatra Jones, the Mack, or Dolemite? Brown Sugar probably has it.

Kocowa (Korean TV)

Korean dramas have become increasingly popular in the United States. Kocowa is being highlighted as a Korean TV streaming platform. But the interesting thing is that reports state that most of Kocowa’s users in the US aren’t Asian.

Dekkoo (gay cinema)

There is a surprisingly greater amount of gay entertainment out there than you might expect. Dekkoo is being targeted to gay and bisexual men as a service that offers gay-themed entertainment. The series Queer As Folk and the original show I’m Fine is on Dekkoo.

Hallmark Movies Now (more wholesome entertainment)

The Hallmark Channel has become notorious for its original movies, including its immense assortment of Christmas titles. Hallmark Movies Now offers these and many other movies. You’ll love this if you’re a fan of Hallmark’s movies and don’t mind their plot holes.

Pure Flix (Christian movies)

Pure Flix has become increasingly popular in recent times for its Christian movies. This is in spite of such movies as Do You Believe, the Case for Christ, Unplanned, and the God’s Not Dead series being critically-panned and often seen as inaccurate or confrontational. But Pure Flix has a massive fan base, one that has made it’s streaming service popular. The Pure Flix system provides access to many of these movies.

Qello (concerts)

Quello specializes in concerts and music documentaries. The system includes some programs from older artists and newer ones alike.

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