10 best online multiplayer PvP games for Android

Online multiplayer PvP is a big deal these days. The genre has seen a massive surge in recent years. There are a variety of genres that an online fighter can take place in. There are strategy games like Clash Royale, MOBAs like Onmyoji Arena, card games like Hearthstone and Auto-Battler (auto-chess) like Dota Underlords.

The games will give you the same rush regardless of your poison. You and one other player fight for supremacy in quick battles that often last less than five minutes. It’s a diverse genre, but we think we’ve found the best online multiplayer PvP games for Android.

Legends of Runeterra best online multiplayer PvP games
online multiplayer PvP

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More online PvP games can be found here:

Brawl stars

Price: Play for free

Brawl Stars is another game from Supercell. You and a few other people compete against other online opponents. The game features multiple game modes including one on one, two on two, and three on three, as well as different types of game mechanics. You’ll also get leaderboards, some additional heroes to collect and upgrade, and lots of new content as the game matures. It’s not quite as strategic as Clash Royale, but the online multiplayer aspect is still pretty good.

Clash Royale

Price: Play for free

Clash Royale is one of the biggest online multiplayer PvP games right now. It’s a tower assault game where two players compete against each other to see who can take the other’s side. The players collect different characters, build decks with them and fight against the opponent. There are also various potions and spells that will help swing the match. The game has been around for a while and some of its players have burned out a bit. However, there is a healthy player base and plenty of updates to bring in new content.

Dead by daylight mobile

Price: Play for free

Dead by Daylight Mobile is an asymmetric online multiplayer game. There are four players against a solo player. The solo player is a monster who hunts the group of four who also hunts the solo monster. It has elements of survival horror because the monster has some skills that make it quite difficult to kill. This is very different from a typical online PvP game, and the uniqueness makes it a great choice for this list. The game has some flaws here and there, but in general it’s pretty fun. The full version on PC is even better.

Dota Underlords

Price: Play for free

Dota Underlords is a variant of Dota 2’s autochess game mode. Players collect characters, form a team and duel with other players. Every character that you recruit forms an alliance with other characters that you have. You get the best teams by stacking characters that team up with each other. The game also includes ranked matchmaking, leaderboards, a spectator mode, and a seasonal rotation that leaves some content and returns other content.


Price: Play for free

Gwent is a mobile version of the card game from The Witcher series. It plays a lot like the version you play in the game. The players collect cards, build decks and duel using the unique rules of the game. The developers are trying to turn skill into something more than luck, and there are a number of different ways you can build and play decks. The controls could be a bit better, but the content is actually pretty good and this is a solid game, especially for fans of The Witcher.

Hearth stone

Price: Play for free

Hearthstone is the forefather of card duels on the mobile phone. It is still very popular despite its age and there are tons of cards to collect. The players collect cards, build decks and duel. The characters are all from the Warcraft universe. In addition, the game offers single player missions, support for six languages ​​and you can play it with its cross-play functionality on both PC and mobile phone. You don’t get as much action as Clash Royale, but the strategy elements are definitely still there.

Legends of Runeterra

Price: Play for free

Legends of Runeterra is a card duel game from Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends. It works a lot like Hearthstone with a few big changes. Not only do players build decks from an existing card collection, but they also choose a champion to build around the deck. The game also includes social gaming features, decent mechanics, and lots of cards to collect. This is relatively new and will continue to expand over time.

Onmyoji Arena

Price: Play for free

The Onmyoji Arena is probably the best MOBA currently. MOBAs are relatively easy to understand. You and a team compete against an opposing team. The winner is the one who comes closest to conquering the other side. The game has five against five battles along with three against three against three (nine players total). The heroes (shikigami) are relatively well balanced, although some are definitely better than others. We usually put something like Vainglory or Arena of Valor in here, but both are struggling at the time of this writing so we wanted to recommend something that is really good.

RWBY: Amity Arena

Price: Play for free

RWBY: Amity Arena and RWBY Deckbuilding Game are two deck duel games from the RWBY universe by Rooster Teeth. RWBY: Amity Arena has a little more action, while RWBY Deckbuilding Game has a little more strategy. In the Amity Arena you can choose a hero, build a deck and fight other players online. RWBY Deckbuilding Game is basically like Hearthstone, but with RWBY characters and a slightly slower style of play. You can go with either, but we like Amity Arena a little better.

Team fight tactics

Price: Play for free

Teamfight Tactics is another online PvP game from Riot Games. We don’t usually like double-dipping developers (since Legends of Runeterra is here too) but this one is actually good enough to be here on its own. This is an auto battler. The players put stones on the board and play until they win or lose. Players deploy and upgrade units as the game progresses. This one is fantastic as it has cross-platform support for the PC version, and since the controls translate well, there isn’t much of a difference between the two. You can easily play on both platforms with the same profile if you want.

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