10 Best free Android games of 2016

10 Best free Android games of 2016

Best free Android games of 2016: I don’t think I really have to say about the craze of games because you might know about them. As this is a modern age people tends to use different types of mobile accessories and different types of apps. So, today I wanted to say about the best free android games of 2016.

Let’s rock and roll into the topic


Most of you might already know that not all games are really free. These days they will allow their app to play games and they will charge for the game’s needs and coins, etc. Most of the premium games are really very close to the free games if you have a little patience.

You can find modern games like the free versions because they will have the in-app purchases. Most of the freemium games take chances when the enthusiastic players get impatient and keep waiting to play the game. Games take chances to purchase the game and play freely as your wish etc. most the players will get frustrated with that.

It’s the unvarnished truth to play games you have to patience. Here in this article, I wanted to say the most favorite Android games of 2016 in this post.

As the New Year season is approaching, most of the game lovers tend to play the best and free android games, so now I wanted to show you all the best games of the year 2016.

This list consists of the best free android games of 2016 which you should be able to play comfortably without getting too many in-app purchases and any sort of discomforts while playing games and we also hope you will enjoy the games.


If you want this list and keen to play they then just read below you will find the list of games which are best in 2016

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne


Asphalt 8 was one the awesome car racing game. It has some cool graphics and also it has the best user experience as well.

The Gameloft has done some great work and by designing this awesome game by resolving all its previous glitches. It is a full pledged car racing game with a load of features and tons of cars to unlock in this game. Not only that you can get other advanced settings and its visuals are simply super. You can find lots of tracks to race on, and you can also play the online multiplayer modes which allows you to challenge your friends, family, and strangers, as well.

But in this game, you can find some in-app purchases, but it will only ask them unless you want something game breaking, but if you want to play happily, then you can get along without any of in-app purchase. This game has some good controls and also the tons of active players on online so that you can easily challenge others.


  1. Critical Ops


If you are keen to play the action packed game, then I bet this was one of the best action packed game in 2016.  Critical Ops is a game which is fast paced FPS that will test your reflexes and tactical skills.


The Experience of the critical ops is best among the newer generation of first person games. The thrill of modern terrorist warfare fights and also the counter strikes and other operation are there in this games. It is also having the fight for domination with your friends, or you can just show the world your skills by getting higher ranking in the Scoreboard. If you are keen to take some missions and combats, then you can join the competition to showcase your skills.


The game has a lot of upgrades, and it frequently brings you to the new range of fights and skills sets to its game on regular updates. The only this about the in-app purchase is you can change your weapons by buying them.


  1. Clash Royale


You all might hear about this game or even see in ads because this is one of the games which has lots of existing installs and it has been rising and rising daily. The Clash Royale is the latest game which was out from the supercell. This game came from the makers of the clash of clans, which was the previous entrant on this list.


In clash Royale, you can collect the cards, and you can build the decks, and also you can square off in one on one duels with the online gamers. You will find it as the clash of clans, but it has slight modifications.  It was a solid card game, and it was the great alternative game if you just don’t get into the Hearthstone.


There are in-app purchases in this clash Royale, but it has some other options as well to get the cards, so you don’t have to buy anything. You can collect and upgrade the various cards which are featuring it clash of clans. If you don’t like purchasing you can only change the settings and keep a password that’s it.


  1. Pokémon Go


One of the famous name which even got trending at the start of the season and that name was the Pokémon go. It was an excellent game most people do like the game a lot, but few don’t like.


You might already know that it was one of the faster game which hits a million mark as soon as possible and also some of the other apps have fastest a million marks, but this is special. Its marketing team has done some major work in Pokémon go.

You can easily say that Pokémon go was one the finest and massive hits of 2016. Presently its popularity has been tapered off a bit, but that doesn’t matter it is still an excellent game with useful free options. Its players can explore the real world around them, and the players can catch the Pokémon by finding them and taking down the gym battles and finding the other poke stops and upgrading their Pokémon’s, etc.

It has new features that have helped the regular users to improve the gameplay and also it has improved its user interface. This game, however, finds many glitches the real problem with the game is GPS spoofers owning all of the best Pokémon, so that has affected the particular parts of the game. So it is finding everything it can do. It is one of the Nintendo productions, and it is the best game while roaming around the world.


  1. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


Final Fantasy is one of the best free android games which was loved by millions of users. The final fantasy brave exvius is the best final fantasy themed game with is freely available to play. This game is freemium with tons of features and elements, and then this was one of the best game. It has some great features including real town and hidden treasures, secret dungeons and along with it, you can get tons of lore.


The final fantasy gameplay is very simple to learn. But here you need to think critically to beat the bosses and the other hard opponents. You can save your game automatically in this, and also you are frequently rewarded if you are logging and playing the game regularly. And along with that, you can get some good quest and the other things you love in the game. If you haven’t tried this game, then you should try this game because it is a game which shouldn’t be missed by a teenager.


  1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft:

Hearthstone heroes of the Warcraft is a card dueling games where you can unlock the cards and build decks. You can pick up your cards, and you can quickly throw down the gauntlet. It will be unleashed the powers of the stunning cards and play a card game of cunning strategy.

Here you can build the multiple decks and also the Blizzard has been good with the dazzling out regular updates. You can even play the game all across the platform you can play it in mobile, tablet, PC as well. If you don’t want to face other players then you can play regularly or else you can easily play with strangers in the real time PVP combat. To practice, you can play down the bots for the practice. If you want to play this game, you can download it for free, and it has slight in-app purchases.


  1. Smash Hit:


The Smash hit is one of the oldest and a traditional game which is pretty famous for the teenagers. It a surreal journey through another dimension. This game requires concentration and timing as well. This game can improve your gaming skills effectively but also you can feel the visual experience of the glass breakings.

Smash the way through a beautiful game which has been a solid game with the endless runner experience available. You will find these graphics as kind of cool graphics, and if you are a first timer. Then you will simply love this game. This app has the only one purchase option which will make you unlock the things like saving your game and access the game stats frequently.  You can play this game by free.


  1. Sky Force Reloaded:

You might see many scrolling shooters games, but this was one of the best scrolling shooter games. The sky force reloaded is the game which combines the classic arcade along with the traditional arcade elements. With that new possible features you can play freely and they also offer features by present technology.

The sky force reloaded has the 3D graphics which are simply attractive, and you will love playing the game. It has the beautiful and atmospheric levels of diverse missions. Overall it’s a good experience.


  1. Plague Inc.

Plague is one the strategy game where you should mutate diseases, and you should use them to destroy the world.  This was the basic idea about the infection. And the game has 12 diseases each with their own outbreak it’s own strategy. You will feel that the game is real and the gameplay will be realistic enough. Since the release of the game, it has great downloads. You can start playing it by just downloading the game from the play store.

This game is having the saving option and also the auto loading option. So you can save the game and open it instantly. You can also play the multiple files which make you cool. This game is worth checking so have a glance at the game.


  1. Unkilled Game

The Unkilled game is one of the best looking mobile shooter game. This game has over 300 story missions which mean you will take some time to complete the game. It has a good storyline and it was the Zombies killing game. You will love it because of the action it provides.

The graphics are kind of cool, and you can play the game easily by slaughtering all the zombies. Your jobs mission is to accept a deal and then to kill the zombies in that mission. You can play the game with your friends it has the multiplayer aspects to the game.


This is all about the best free android games of 2016. These are taken by the popularity and review of the games I hope you will all love these games. You have anything to say you can comment us below.

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