10 Best Android Antivirus Apps to Protect your Smartphones

10 Best Android Antivirus Apps to Protect your Smartphones

If you are a regular user of smartphones?

Oh, that is a foolish question, because nowadays all are having smartphones with them right.


What if you have a virus on your smartphone and what is it anyway?

You might know you keep a lot of valuable data and information on your phones, right? In some cases it may be your private message and so on.

Now, what if viruses attacked your smartphone like malware.

Do you know what malware is?

If not here is it,

What is Android Malware?

The malware was the malicious software which was specially designed to secretly control devices. And also to steal all the private information from the device owners. Malware can be used to steal your passwords and make you cry and put all false allegation on you by using your accounts.

So, you should be careful in the Android virus, not only this your device will get slow; you will lose your app’s information, and so there were many threats.

Now, considering all the malware scams which are reported in Google play store we thought it was a useful to produce an updated list of antivirus for android in 2016.

We have listed some fantastic antivirus programs which can protect yours from threats like virus, Trojans and other malicious attacks.

The Best Android Antivirus Apps in 2016:

1. CM Security: The Popular and best Malware Protection App

Cm security is the best and popular antivirus software. It provides the top class security options to protect your Android mobile, and the cheetah mobile made it – it was a research company which produces all the credible reports of the Android platform. This app was brought up by the same team which brought your clean master.

It was fast and very comprehensive in cleaning all the junk files and also in detecting and removing the viruses. It has more than 100 million users, online and it has the best ratings as well in google play store.

  1. 360 Security – Antivirus

360 security antivirus is a favorite antivirus app, and it is having an old name called Qihoo.  It was the long-standing Android antivirus app, and it always protects your phone from all the security threats and malware programs.

Generally, it has an antivirus engine which is placed in that app particularly to scan and detects your files and updates automatically to find the malware and virus attacks.

It is very easy to install, and it has a user-friendly interface where you don’t have to worry about the UI. It has real-time protection system where it can end up on your phone. And it can protect and clean all the junk files, and it can free your RAM efficiently. This app also has 100 million downloads, and it has ratings of 4.6 which is isn’t bad at all.

  1. Malware Bytes Anti-Malware App

Malwarebytes is having a good reputation for its malware source protection, and it was one of the best malware protection tools in PC. And it was the lightweight PC anti-malware tool.

They have done the same to Android as well it is having the premium version and free version of the Android app. The free version provides the chip off the old blocking system, and it also focuses on cleaning all kind of malware from your Android device.

It offers the best privacy managing feature where it scans the behavior of the app and detects whether they are having any issues or not. It also has the remote tracking anti-theft elements in its Android features and these features works correctly, so you don’t have to worry about paying some dollars to premium versions.

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is a well know name, and you might already hear before while searching for antivirus for your PC.

The PC version of Kaspersky is updated regularly with loads of malicious blocking codes so it often stands as the best internet security solution. And it has also moved its step to mobile versions, and it is offering its free mobile version effectively.

The free version provides all the anti-malware protecting elements on it. And you don’t have to worry a lot about the anti- theft features. But if you want to use the anti-phishing protection for your text messages, and cloud protection and also your privacy protection then you have to buy its premium version.

  1. Ahn Lab – V3 Mobile Security

V3 mobile security was the rising antivirus app nowadays; the Ahn Lab developed it.  The AV test results award this app as the “best antivirus software for Android” of 2016. Av-test has evaluated over 27 mobile security products for Android to find the leading antivirus depending upon its malware detection and its usability along with its features.

They have also seen the false positives of the apps and the demonstrate capabilities of the protection layers, and they have found that V3 mobile security is the best. By using this app, they proved that it had the best user experience.

  1. AVL Antivirus

AVL is one of the powerful antivirus apps in Android and it has got the third position in the overall AV rankings of 2016. It has some advanced security features that can find the apps which have the malicious code. It will also detect which can be dangerous.

Overall, AVL comes with the high-security codes where it protects your security.  You don’t have to waste your memory or space to find any other malicious codes.


This is all about the six best Android Antivirus Apps in 2016 to protect your Android device. These apps are the must try apps. If you find your phone is slowing down and not working well even after using any antivirus. Then try these above antiviruses you can find the best solution for that.

If you have any other apps which you recommend, then comment us below in comments section. I’d love to hear comments from you.

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